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Victoria Osteen: Biography, Age, Family, Children, Husband, Occupation, Net Worth etc

    Victoria Osteen : Before proceeding with Victoria Osteen age, the first and most important thing to know about Victoria Osteen is that she is the lovely and supportive wife of the famous pastor and founder of Lakewood church Houston Texas in the person of Joel Osteen and the daughter in-law of John Osteen. Victoria  is an American author and the co-pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

    Victoria Osteen early life

    While growing up, Victoria Osteen attended a nearby Church of Christ. There in the church, Victoria’s mother, Georgine Iloff, taught Sunday school and her father served as a deacon. Osteen attended  the University of Houston where she studied psychology but unfortunately did not graduate from it.  Then she was  working in her mother’s jewelry business.

    Remarkably, it was while working in the jewelry store that she met Joel Osteen in 1985 when he came in to buy a new watch battery.

    Victoria Osteen age

    Victoria Osteen who was formally known as Victoria Iloff was born on the 28 day of March 1961 in  Huntsville, Alabama. According, as at October 2021 being the time of writing this article, Victoria Osteen is 60 years old.

    The wife of Joel Osteen Victoria celebrates her birthday on the 28th day of March every year. Suffice to also state that Victoria Osteen birthday remains a special day in his life as he takes out time to celebrate with his friends and family.

    Victoria Osteen age: 60 years old (2021)

    Victoria Osteen date of birth: 28 March 1961

    Victoria Osteen Birthday – 28th March

    Victoria Osteen parents

    Victoria Osteen parents are Georgine Iloff (mother) and Donald Iloff (Father). The couples gave birth to Victoria Osteen in Huntsville, Alabama in 1961. Two years after Victoria Osteen’s birth( 1962) the parents relocated with her to Houston, Texas, when her father took a position with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). She grew up in a southeastern suburb of Houston, near the Manned Spacecraft Center (now known as the Johnson Space Center).

    Victoria Osteen Husband

    Victoria Osteen is married to the televangelist and senior pastor of Lakewood church, Joel Osteen. .

    Pastor Joel Scott Osteen is an American pastor, televangelist, and author, based in Houston, Texas,
    Born on the 5 March 1963 in Houston, Texas. Married to Victoria Osteen and the have two children ” Jonathan Osteen, Alexandra Osteen. Joel Osteen is the founder of Lakewood church.
    Joel Osteen parents are John Osteen (father) and  Dodie Osteen ( Mother). Joel Osteen Siblings are  Lisa Osteen, Paul Osteen, April Osteen Simons, Justin Osteen, Tamara Osteen Joel Osteen net worth  is estimated to be over $50 million. 

    Joel Osteen first met Victoria Osteen when he went to buy new watch battery from Victoria Osteen’s mother’s jewelry shop in 1985.

    Joel and Victoria Osteen got married in 1987 and they have 2 children, a male named Jonathan Osteen and a female named Alexandra Osteen .

    Find Below wonderful Picture of the couples Joel and Victoria Osteen

    Victoria Osteen age

    Victoria Osteen’s Parents

    Victoria Osteen’s parents are Georgine Iloff (Mother) and Donald Iloff  (the father) both from  Huntsville, Alabama.

    Тhе fаthеr оf thе раѕtоr іѕ а mаthеmаtісіаn wіth Gеnеrаl Еlесtrіс. Ѕhе wаѕ аlѕо а mеmbеr оf GЕ’ѕ Ѕаturn Rосkеt Рrојесt Теаm. Her mother worked in the jewelry business and was a teacher in Sunday school

    Victoria Osteen Career and Achievements

    Victoria Osteen is a renowned author and Co-pastor in Lakewood church. In addition to her tremendous effort in the spiritual growth of  people worldwide, especially the Americans through her sermons and Sunday Lakewood services, Osteen founded the Lakewood Church Women’s Ministry in 2003, where she currently serves as co-pastor. Her part of the service can be seen on a one-hour program broadcast on the Daystar Television Network and through a live Internet feed.

    She has also been of immense support to the the organizations Feed the Children and The Bridge, a shelter for battered women.

    Victoria Osteen Books

    Victoria Osteen formally known as Victoria Iloff is not just a mere author but a renowned and impactful author. She has authored plethora of life changing and inspiring books which serves as one of her sources of income.

    Some of the best selling Books of Victoria Osteen are

    1. Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy, and Whole : published by Simon & Schuster and released for sale on October 14, 2008. Amazingly this her first book  debuted at number 2 on the New York Times Bestsellers list.
    2. Exceptional You!: 7 Ways to Live Encouraged, Empowered, and Intentional
    3. Fearless and Free: Inspirational Thoughts to Set Your Attitude and Actions for a Great Day!
    4. Our Best Life Together: A Daily Devotional for Couples
    5. Daily Readings from Love Your Life: Devotions for Living Happy, Healthy, and Whole
    6. Encouragement for an Exceptional Life: Be Empowered and Intentional
    7. Unexpected Treasures
    8. My Happy Heart Books: A Touch-and-Feel Book Boxed Set
    9. Gifts from the Heart
    10. Surprise Healing: How To Activate The Miracles In Your Spirit
    11. Victoria Osteen’s Toddler Bible
    12. Exceptional You Study Guide: 7 Ways to Live Encouraged, Empowered, and Intentional
    13. Encouragement for an Exceptional Life
    14. ¡Fearless and Free: Inspirational Thoughts to Set Your Attitude and Actions for a Great Day!
    15. Hooray for Wonderful Me
    16. Power of Influence
    17. The Power of Influence: The More You Bless Others the More God Blesses You in Return
    18. Hooray For My Family!
    19. Embracing Everyday – 30 day audio series
    20. Exceptional You Journal, etc. 

    One unique thing about Victoria Osteen’s books is that they are inspiring and educative. Read and be inspired, read and   educated, read and be impacted with knowledge.

    Victoria  Osteen Children

    Joel and Victoria Osteen got married in 1987. They have two children, a male named Jonathan Osteen and a female named Alexandra Osteen.

    Alexandra Osteen, was born on November 9, 1998, in Texas.  She is an exceptionally talented singer and performer who shares her interest with her brother, Jonathan Osteen and a part of a band from Lakewood Church.  Joel Osteen’s daughter, Alexandra Osteen, released an EP in 2019 called In The Name, Vol.1. Also, their song, I’ve Got a Fire has over 150,000 streams on Spotify. Besides, Alexandra also has a remarkable number of followers on social media platforms, including her Instagram. Having almost 51.9k followers. Alexandra Osteen at her age has been making waves in her singing career. Look out for the great star she will become in the nearest future.

    Jonathan Osteen has been doing and performing more in the church line and there is every tendency that she will toe the part of his father Joel Osteen. Suffice also to state that Jonathan Osteen is a very talented singer and he often performs with the Sister Alexandra Osteen.

    Jonathan seems very close to his father and shares interests with him. and often introduce himself as an introduces himself as an introvert and enjoys spending time with his family and playing with his dogs.


    Victoria Osteen Salary / Victoria Osteen Net worth

    Victoria Osteen salary is estimated at $200,000.

    Тhе nеt wоrth оf Vісtоrіа Оѕtееn іѕ between $100 to  $110 mіllіоn аѕ оf Осtоbеr 2021. This is obviously a combination of her net worth and that of her husband, Joel Osteen.

    Тhе аuthоr аnd hеr huѕbаnd lіvе іn Ноuѕtоn Ѕuburbѕ іn а 17,000 ѕquаrе-fооt mаnѕіоn. Тhе mаnѕіоn wоrth іѕ аt lеаѕt $10.5 mіllіоn. Тhе hоuѕе hаѕ ѕіх bеdrооmѕ, ѕіх bаthrооmѕ, thrее еlеvаtоrѕ, fіvе fіrерlасеѕ, а guеѕt hоuѕе, аnd а рооl hоuѕе.

    Victoria Osteen height and weight

    Her height is 5 feet 7 in tall, and her weight is 56 kg.


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