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Powerful Prayer for a Lovely Valentine’s Day Celebration

    Valentine day prayer : Our God loves us beyond imagination and his wish for us is that we may find true love. As we celebrate Valentine’s day which is a day of love, let us pray that our God who is love himeself will give us the grace to love and serve him and also find our perfect human love. Let the love of our life be a source of hope, happiness and above all, a source that will draw us closer to God.

    Powerful Prayer for a Lovely Valentine’s Day Celebration

    Heavenly Father, We come to You on this Valentine’s Day to thank You for the greatest love that You have shown us – Your love for us. We thank You that no matter what, You love us and accept us as we are.

    We thank You for the gift of relationships and for the special people You have put in our lives. For the friends and family that bring us joy, comfort and support, we are so grateful. We thank You for the opportunity to share our love with others and to give and receive love. We thank You for the joys and challenges that come with relationships.

    Lord, we ask that You would bless the couples in our lives on this special day. We pray that You would bring them closer together, that their love for each other would be strong and that You would give them peace and joy. We pray that You would help them work through any difficulties and that You would encourage them to keep on loving and forgiving each other.

    We also pray for those who are single on this special day. Help them to remember that they are loved and accepted, no matter what. Comfort them and give them hope and peace. We pray that You would bless them with a special someone to love and be loved in return.

    Thank You for loving us. We love You and we praise You for Your unfailing love.

    In Jesus’ Name,

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