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UCCF Apologizes for Delayed Investigation into a Christian Staff Suspension

    UCCF Apologizes for Delayed Investigation into a Christian Staff Suspension : The Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF), which supports Christian Unions across the UK has apologized for the “significant” delay in its investigation into the suspension of two Christian staff members last year.

    Recall that In December 2022, the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) Board of Trustees suspended two Christian Staff ”National Director Richard Cunningham, and Field Director Tim Rudge” to “assist with the integrity” of a formal independent inquiry following “various complaints” made against them but not relating to sexual misconduct. UCCF contends at the time of the suspension, that this was “normal practice” under such circumstances and “not any indication of guilt.”
    However, following the approach of a new academic year, the UCCF has issued a statement to provide an update on the progress of the ongoing investigation that was launched eight months ago.

    “We are acutely aware that significant time has passed since our last update on the investigation process. Be assured that considerable effort continues to be spent on working through the appropriate steps we must take before we can share the specific outcomes publicly,” the statement sighted by Premier reads. citing illness and a lack of availability over the summer among the reasons for the delay.

    Back in January, a separate employment lawyer was chosen to make sure the investigation moved forward swiftly, aiming to reduce the time of uncertainty for everyone involved. On August 24th, the board acknowledged that the postponement of the proceedings had been very difficult for those affected. They stressed that their primary focus in this case was to ensure a fair process and fair outcomes.

    “It remains our intention to say more about the conclusion of the investigation as soon as we are able. The interim executive team continues to provide outstanding leadership as we head into the new academic year, with new staff training and Forum taking place throughout late August/early September,” the statement adds.

    UCCF is a mission organization working with university and college students in Christian Union groups across the UK, aimed at helping them to organize and attend faith-building and evangelistic events for young adults on campuses.

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