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Pastor Tye Tribbett: Biography, Age, Family, Career, Ministry, Net Worth

    Tye Tribbett is a popular and an award-winning American singer, songwriter, choir director, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.He is choir director and founder of the Grammy-nominated and Stellar Award-winning gospel group Tye Tribbett & G.A. (short for ‘Greater Anointing’)

    Mr. Tye is the son of Bishop Thomas Tyrone Tribbett, a former pastor, and his mother is Neicy Tribbett, a minister as well as a disc jockey in the Philadelphia and New York area. Tribbett was born on January 26, 1976 in Camden, New Jersey and raised in an Apostolic Pentecostal church in Camden, New Jersey. He is happily married to his darling wife Shante Tribbett with whom she has 2 daughters named Austyn Taylor and Lyncoln Victoria.

    Tye Tribbette
    Tye Tribbette



    The famous award winning artist, Tye Tribbett was born to Bishop Tyrone Tribbett and Neicy Tribbett,on the 26th day of January 1979 in Camden, New Jersey.  Tye grew up together with his brother Thaddaeus, who played bass in the band “Soundcheck” and is currently the bassist for the singer Estelle and his two sisters DeShantel Tribbett-Robinson and DeMaris Tribbett-Toy, both of who are singers with Greater Annointing.


    The famous American singer Tye Tribbett was born on 26th January 1976, making him 46 years of age (2022). Mr. Tribbett marks his birthday on the 26th day of January every year.



    Tribbett was born to her parents Bishop Tyrone Tribbett (father) who was a a former pastor, and Neicy Tribbett (mother) who is a minister as well as a disc jockey in the Philadelphia and New York area. Pastor Tye has 3 siblings , a bother named Thaddaeus who is a bass player and two sisters named DeShantel Tribbett-Robinson and DeMaris Tribbett-Toy , both of whom are singers.


    Tribbette is happily married to Shante Tribbett who is a pastor, preacher, life coach, author and co-founder of Live Church Orlando. The duo met and courted for three years and finally got married on December 6th 1997 when Shante was still 16 years old. Tye Tribbett’s wife Shante was born on May 1st 1979 to a single mother.

    Tye Tribbett wife
    Tye Tribbett wife Shante Tribbett


    As peaceful and admirable as their marriage may seem today, Tye and Shante once had a serious marital issue that nearly cost them their marriage.

    Tye whose parent’s marriage ended as a result of infidelity, nearly had hs own end same way but for God’s intervention.   In 2009 Shante husband admitted having an affair with one of his choir member which almost led to their divorce, consequent uppon which he pleaded for forgiveness.

    Tye Tribbett wife
    Tye Tribbett wife


    Shante however in retaliiation went ahead to cheat with another Christian Rapper name Da T.R.U.T.H. Luckily, the parties instead f allwing this occurrence to cost them theiir marriage, they recoonciled and found their way back to each other. According to the couuples, their love iis today stronger.

    Tye Tribbett
    Shante Tribbett



    Tye and Shante Tribbette’s marriage is blessed with two lovely daughters named Austyn Taylor and Lyncoln Victoria.

    Tye Tribbett Children
    Tye Tribbett Children



    Tye and his wife Shante founded and launched the Live Church Orland Florida in 2017. The couple co-pastors in the church and has been doing great job in the lives of people.


    Tye Tribbett began singing in the children’s choir at age of five. He played piano for a number of community choirs as a teenager, including Steve Middleton and the Tri-State Mass Choir and the Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar.

    Tye together with his brother, and several friends later began playing gospel music around 1996. They became Tyrone Tribbett & Greater Anointing. The Greater Anointing Group competed in and won the McDonald’s Gospel Choir Competition that same year. They won the regional and overall prizes at the Wrigley’s Gospel Choir Competition a year later.

    Tribbett’s contagious high-energy performances astounded both the judges and the audience. David Foster, a Grammy-winning composer and producer, was so moved by the Prince of Egypt performance,that he asked them to support Faith Hill on stage at his annual City of Hope event at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California.

    Faith Hill as well was so moved by their performance that she invited Tribbett to join her and her husband Tim McGraw on their Soul to Soul tour.

    Soon after that, Tribbett & G.A. were selected to provide the backing music for Don Henley’s Inside Job tour.
    They collaborated with a wide range of artists over the course of the following three years, from Justin Timberlake, Sting to Will Smith and Usher.

    Tribbett & G.A.’s Sony debut album, Life, was issued in 2004 and went to number six on the gospel albums chart. Victory Live followed two years later and became their first number one. 2008’s Stand Out achieved the same success.

    Pastor Tye Tribbett released his first solo album in 2010 titled Fresh, and went to number one on the charts.

    Now pursuing a solo career, he followed up in 2013 with the live offering Greater Than, his debut for Motown Gospel. One of its four singles was an ingenious remake of George Harrison’s late-career hit “It Got My Mind (Set on You),” retitled “Stayed on You,”. It earned Tribbett another number one and two Grammy Awards, including Best Gospel Album in 2014.

    Over the next three years, Tribbett kept a busy U.S. touring schedule . However, he took a break for 90 days in 2015 to deal with personal issues. The entire experience culminated in 2017’s chart-topping double album The Bloody Win that featured live performances recorded the previous year at The Redemption Center in Greenville, South Carolina amid a slew of soloists.

    After two-and-a-half years of more touring and producing, Tribbett returned in April of 2020 with the number five single “We Gon’ Be Alright.”

    In April 2020, Tribbett sent a message to people during the coronavirus pandemic with a song “We are gon’ be alright”, he fused Kendrick Lamar’s hit track Alright into the song.


    Some of the notable songs by Tye Tribbett includes:

    The Bloody Win (Live) (2017);
    Greater Than (2013);
    Fresh (2010);
    Stand Out (2008);
    Victory Live (2006);
    Life (2004);
    Ideas & Concepts (2000).
    Net Worth
    The majority of Tribbett’s income came from the sale of his CDs (he sold over 1.4 million copies of six professionally produced albums), sponsors, and YouTube channel adverts.

    Reports have estimated Tye Tribbett to be worth $5 million.

    Social Media
    You can contact and follow Pastor Tye Tribbett on any of the below mentioned social media handles

    Instagram: @tyetribbett

    Twitter: @tyetribbett

    YouTube: @Live Church

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