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Tye & Shanté Tribbett : How To Fight For My Marriage

    Tye & Shanté Tribbett How To Fight For My Marriage : Join Pastor Tye Tribbett and his wife Pastor Shante Tribbett as they discuss marriage/ relationship  and how to fight for your marriage.

    Knowing how to fight or protect our marriage remains one of the biggest issue people face. Today, the lovely couples, Pastors Tye and Shante Tribbett have taken it upon themselves to disccuss the topic ” how to fight for my marriage”.

    Tye Tribbett and Shanté Tribbett sit down for a YouTube exclusive on TBN’s Praise. Tune into their brand new, exclusive series on relationships and marriage and hear insight on the best practices of marriage and how God utilizes marriage to fulfill His purpose. On today’s episode, Tye and Shanté Tribbett discuss how it is possible to fight for a marriage. With the authority of God over a marriage, reconciliation and restoration is possible.

    Video credit : Praise on TBN Youtube


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