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Ty Headlee Biography : Age, Family Life, Career, And Net Worth

    Ty Headlee is an American actor and dancer who gained recognition after appearing in the film Eat, Brains, Love as Chazz Slade. Headlee is the husband of Ren Roberts, who is the daughter of Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts. Ty performs a role in the TV series The Relic.

    Ty Headlee Biography

    The American born actor, dancer and TV Personality, Ty Headlee was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He is the oldest of his 5 other siblings. Ty was inspired by movies like “The Godfather,” “Fight Club,” and even “The Fast & The Furious” series as he grew up watching movies with his family.

    Ty Headlee Biography

    Information relating to the parents and siblings of TY Headlee are currently not available. However, information has it that he has three sisters and a brother

    Ty Headlee Age

    Ty Headlee was born on 21 May 1997 in the US. Accordingly, he is currently 25 years old (2022). TY Headlee birthday comes up on the 21st day of May every year..

    Family Life

    The American actor, dancer and Tv personality TY Headlee is happily married to the daughter of Pastor Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts, Ren Taylor Roberts  The couple got married in April 2022, after one year of being engaged.


    Ren Taylor Roberts, who was born to Pastor Toure Roberts and his first wife before he got married to Sarah Jakes Roberts. Accordingly, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts is a stepmom to Ren Roberts.

    TY Hadlee and Ren Taylor Roberts Engagement


    At the age of 13 Ty was introduced to Hip-Hop dance and he fell in love with the art of performing. After two short years of dance, Ty joined a U.S. tour and started performing in major cities all over the United States.

    Headlee’s career in the entertainment sector and on social media got its start with the tour. His interest in acting was sparked by his passion for movies and his love of performance. In high school, he started taking acting classes and developed and falling deeper in love with the art.

    Actor TY Headlee
    Actor TY Headlee and his wife Ren Taylor Roberts


    After graduating from the high school Ty relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 18. He grew as an actor, while also taking on numerous other career paths, (Styling, Social Media, Producing, Film-Making, & More).

    In 2017 Ty Headlee performed a Lead Role in the film “Eat, Brains, Love” playing as “Chazz Slade” set to release in 2019.

    Aside being an actor, Ren Taylor Roberts husband TY Headlee is also a digital creator and currently runs a podcast where he preaches about Christ and encourages people. Also, he is part of the Youth Ministry at the ONE Church.

    Net Worth

    Information relating to the exact net worth of TY Headlee is currently not available. However, suffice to state that he has made fortune for himself. His primary source of income is from his acting career, He is also a movie producer.

    Social Media

    You can find Ty on the following social media platforms:

    Instagram: @tyheadlee


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