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TREM Daily Devotional October 19 2022

    TREM Daily Devotional October 19 2022


    SCRIPTURE: -Psalm 27:1 KJV “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

    David had a secret. If you could ask him, David, what is your secret? He would have answered you by saying, The Lord is my light and my salvation, who shall I fear. You are wondering how I win every war? The Lord is the strength of my life, therefore I am not afraid of anyone. In the book of Psalm 27:6, He declared emphatically: “And now shall mine head be lifted up, Above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the LORD.” The enemy will not cover your head. Your head will not bow to sickness. Your head will not bow to disease. Your head will not bow to pain.


    David, what is your secret? “The LORD is my shepherd…” (Psalm 23:1 KJV). I have stopped having wants. He is my abundance. The Lord is my meal barrel. The Lord is my money, I shall not want. I cannot be sick. I am healed, the devil wants to make me sick. I am healed by His stripes. This is how you are expected to function and speak.


    The hours of miracles, signs, and wonders are here. Get ready! Never allow yourself to be intimated by anything. Rather make declarations. Speak out. God is ready to announce you.  He is making up His jewels now. He is making a difference between those who serve Him and those who don’t serve Him.  This is the hour! The earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.


    Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you.  You cannot be poor because Christ has been made poor for you so that you might become rich.  Declare the word as it concerns you. This is your secret of victory. And it will come to pass in your life.

    Credit for today’s The Redeemed Evangelical Mission‘s daily devotional October 19 2022:The Redeemed Evangelical Mission/

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