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See How Cora Jakes Coleman Celebrated Toure Roberts birthday

    Toure Roberts Birthday : The eldest daughter of Bishop TD Jakes and Serita Jakes and the sister to Sarah Jakes Roberts, Cora Jakes Coleman took to instagram to celebrate Toure Roberts birthday and also appreciate him as a brother.

    She ceased to the opportunity to describe Toure Roberts  as a blessing to the family and also expressed her joy seeing him relax with hisr wife which is quite unlike him.

    According to Cora Jakes Coleman, Toure Roberts Jakes hardly make out time for herself. She is always on the mo0ve.

    Celebrating Toure Roberts , Cora Jakes took to instagram to write: 

    sarahjakesroberts has brought us a lot of gifts, but none quite like you. You are the Kumbaya of our family. You are the voice of reason and a dynamic added covering for our entire family. We are loved better by God through the massiveness of your heart. I picked this picture because very rarely do I see you reap in resting. You are always on the move. Today I pray this kind of rest over your year. I pray you learn to reap in your resting. I pray abundance and liberation over you. I pray for supernatural strength to carry on. You are just an amazing human being, and I am grateful to call you, brother. Happy Birthday @toureroberts affectionally known as BroT


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