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Tony Evans Sermons – Moses: Choices of Faith

    Tony Evans Sermons Moses Choices of Faith – We have all made decisions we may like or hate, but when it comes to living by faith, we are going to have to choose who we are going to believe and obey. we are going to have to make a choice. the parents of Moses made a decision of faith about Moses.

    Moses was born into a faith filled home, to enable our children have faith today, they need to see faith. The context of a faith-filled home did not show up when they were in church, it happened when the laws of the land was against their family structure. His parents chose to believe God’s plan for their children and not what the law or culture had said.  They did not say since the country is in this way or is not safe, we are not going to give birth to our child, they did not say i am going to abort this baby, all they said was God has a purpose for this child. They were not afraid of what was going on in the world because they knew who they believed in was supreme.

    It is important that we train our children in way of the lord and in the way of faith  from an early stage and before they grow up enough to live our homes so that when the circular world tries to eat them up, you would have given them enough faith to overcome.

    You will never discover what God can do until you trust him to do it and he will do it in a way that will blow your mind, if only you have faith in him. Moses made a choice to not be the son of pharaoh’s daughter, he chose to be ill treated with ill treated with the people of god than to enjoy the passing pleasure of sin.

    To be marvelled by the works of God, you have to make a decision and choose him and choose to have faith in him.


    Hebrews 11;23-28

    luke 7 vs 20


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