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Tony Evans Sermons -God Can Provide in Unexpected Ways

    Tony Evans Sermons God Can Provide in Unexpected Ways: When resources have run out and your ability to provide some thing that you need for yourself seems impossible, thats when God can demonstrate to you that he is the great provider.

    God can produce in some unusual and unexpected way like he did with the prophet Elijah, he did it first with an unclean bird and then he took him to an unclean land where a lady who had very little of her own was used to provide for him and get a blessing in return.

    Do not always look for Gods provision through the things that you know about or expect, because we know our God is the God of impossibilities and he can hit a bull eyes with a crooked stick. he can come at things in ways that will shock us and surprise us some times he will come to our aid in ways that will confuse us.

    Pastor Tony Evans  says, God is our source and since he owns the world, he can pick any source at all of his choosing to be our resource and it will be perfect. and we are reminded in the bible that the lord our God shall supply all our needs in his riches not our ability, when we are in fellowship with him.


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