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Tony Evans Sermons – Reversing Irreversible Consequences

    Tony Evans Sermons 10 September 2021 Reversing Irreversible Consequences – Can irreversible consequences be reversed? Elijah showed naaman the way to get healed by instructing him to dip himself seven times in the rive Jordan, he comes out totally healed and out of gratitude he went back and offered Elijah lots of gift items which included gold, clothes, money etc and he declined the gifts Gehazi the servant of Elijah on seeing this was in shock.

    As soon as Namaan left, Gehazi followed him and told naaman that his master had changed his mind, that he now needed those gifts. This right here is the sin of covetousness. In Colossians, the bible defines covetousness as idolatry because, you do not believe that the lord God almighty is the source of all wealth so, you to another to take it.

    The bible in Luke chapter 12 defines greed as a path that could lead to covetousness, it defines the covetous man as one who plots to get something he is not authorised to get, in an illegitimate way through deception. Gehazi lost sight of divine accountability, he forgot that God was watching. Hence, Elijah caused Gehazi. the consequences of Gehazi’s action was an incurable personal curse  of leprosy.  Years later, God gives Gehazi a retest with a very similar situation and when he passed this test, God  gave him a better opportunity, he was able to work as the kings officer and he was still known as Elijah’s servant.

    Gehazi also was wealthy, he finally got the wealth he desired but at God’s own time. when ever we feel like we have lost an opportunity with God, it is okay to seek for forgiveness and ask God for a retest and a second chance, he will  always give us second chances.


    Colossians 3 vs 5

    luke 12 vs. 15

    Leviticus 13 vs. 44-45

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