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Toni Collier: Biography and everything you need to know about Toni collier.

    Toni Collier is a famous author, a host, consultant, public speaker and a motivational speaker. Her story is one of trauma, abuse, childhood wounds, a toxic marriage, divorce, church hurt, and a journey of finding hope and grit in healing and redemption. Toni’s energy, passion and joy electrifies crowds and connects audiences of all dynamics crossing age, gender, cultural, and socioeconomic gaps to reach the heart.


    Toni collier had a trying and rough start of life, she mingled with the wrong crowd and fell of the right way to life, but God intervened in her life and today she is doing better than she could have ever imagined. Toni she lost her virginity at the age of 13 and smoked weed at age 15. She eventually left her home and sponsored herself through college at age 16 however instead of focusing on her education, she deviated and chose having a man.


    Toni Collier was born on the 19th of July; 1991, which makes her 31 years old in 2022. Toni collier celebrates her birthday on the 19th of July every year.



    Toni Collier was born to her parents in Houston Texas; she also grew up there.



    Though Toni Colliers parents names are unknown, Toni’s mother was really sick when she was still very young, she suffered a stroke when Toni was in her third grade resulting in her taking care of her mother at the time and growing up too fast.


    Toni Collier grew up with three older half-siblings, their parents tried to help them have a good relationship as one family.



    Toni collier has been married twice, first at the age of 19 and second at the age of 26. Toni got married at the early age 19, after she had ditched her plan of going to Law school. The marriage to her first husband resulted in a child, but it did not last, it was barely two years old when the couple decided to get a divorce. The marriage was not a pleasant experience to Toni, what made it worse was that she ignored her fathers advice against the marriage, the marriage later toxic and abusive to the point that they had to quits. Toni went through therapy and had access to counselling in order to heal and recover. Toni Collier at the age 26 found her dream man, she never thought this possible, she is currently married to her loving husband Sam Collier, the lead pastor of Hillsong Atlanta. Toni and her husband have been successfully married for over 5 years and together they live with their children in Atlanta.



    Toni Collier had a child from her first marriage a lovely girl called Dylan and a son together Sam her lovely husband, their son is named sammie just like his father. She and Sam take good care of the two children and help them grow in love.



    Toni Collier resides now in Atlanta, Georgia with her beautiful family.



    Toni Collier attended a local high school in Texas and she got a degree from Sam Houston State University, in business logistics and entrepreneurship. She has used that degree to help in the growth of many churches and businesses. Toni has also worked with different organization in various areas and capacity including leadership, strategic planning, innovation, student ministry, creative marketing among others.



    Toni Collier is the Co-senior pastor of Hillsong Atlanta. Toni began her ministry in Atlanta after moving there during her first marriage. She admitted that she regretted moving to Atlanta following her divorce from her first husband, however her love for the place has grown very deeply. Toni Collier founded “Broken Crayons Still Colour” and international women’s ministry in a bid to encourage women speak up, heal from their brokenness and cling on to hope. She is passionate about helping both teenagers and women believe in God’s perfect plan and purpose in their lives amidst whatever situation they find themselves. In this digital age, Toni has a lot of audience and listeners across the country that she teaches that brokenness is no barrier to worthiness and that God will use us amidst our mess, as He is not seeking perfection.



    Below are some inspiration filled books by Toni Collier

    • Overcomer; defeating anxiety and abuse.
    • Brave enough to be broken: How to Embrace Your Pain and Discover Hope and Healing
    • Broken crayons still colour



    Collier Toni’s exact net worth is unknown, but her sources of income are not, she has numerous streams of income which includes but are not limited to her church salary, her public speaking engagements, the sales of her books among others.



    • Toni Collier is the co-founder of a faith based consulting firm known as The Resource Group.
    • Toni Collier serves as a consultant and speaker for North Point Ministries. Toni is also as a public school speaker of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and an on-camera personality at The Rethink Group.
    • Toni collier has a podcast called still coloring, where she invites you to lean into the stories of women and men that uncover their brokenness and practically show how they rebuilt their lives with hope and grit.
    • As a speaker, She’s had the opportunity to stand proudly to speak and work with organizations such as North Point Community Church, TBN, Chick-fil-A, IF: Gathering, Orange Conference, MOPS International, and more



    Below are some platforms through which Toni collier:

    Instagram: @tonijcollier

    Instagram: @brkncrayons

    Twitter: @tonijcollier




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