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Todd White Sermon- Impartation or Intimacy?

    Todd White Sermon Impartation or Intimacy? : We have become more hungry for impartation than we are for intimacy, we are more hungry for someone that has gone before us, to come lay hands on us and give us what they have than we are to go into our prayer closet and hear from our father. But the only way to Christian maturity is through fire.

    We have to be able to communicate with God the father by ourselves, it’s not a bad thing to have your pastor and mentors pray for you or lay hands on you, but what happens when they are unavailable? Will you then be hopeless? We have to be able depend on God as our father. We are always looking for mentors but we have to recognise that Jesus is as close as the mention of his name, he is always with us and he never goes away from us.

    We have to cultivate that relationship so that we can hear him and hear from him. Its one thing to know that God is pleased with you and its another thing to hear him say it, its an amazing feeling to hear your father say he is pleased with you, its an incomparable feeing.

    We have to have an intimate relationship with God because with such a relationship we learn not to need the applaud of men, to do great works of God and when we are on this path where we don’t need applaud of men to make is feel great then we cannot ever take glory of God’s work through us, also we will be greater than our gifts.

    The only person that can stop you from building a relationship with God is yourself. We can’t afford to be Christians and not know God. We can’t afford to make decision like we don’t know God. We all have the wisdom of God embedded in us, but we cannot use it unless we have had an encounter with the spirit of wisdom, Paul prayed for us to have wisdom in Ephesians 1, its says, God might give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him so that we may know the hope of our calling.

    We have to be intimate with God and experience first hand, that’s the best way to see and feel the glory of God the father.



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