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He Doesn’t Need a Cloud – Today’s Word of Joel Osteen

    Today’s Word of Joel Osteen He Doesn’t Need a Cloud – Seeking daily directions from God is overly important, God said he will down the best part for our lives, he has the wisdom we need, the direction and the guidance, but its not going to happen automatically. Every morning we have to go to God in prayers, asking him to show us our assignments and direct our days activities, it requires an active surrender and this can only come from a humble person.

    The scripture says when you acknowledge God in all your ways, he will direct your path, but too often we make our plans without consulting God then we ask him to bless our plans and then it begins to look like we are struggling. This is because we are doing it backwards, we are supposed to ask God to help us in making our plans not making the plans ourselves and then asking God to later come in and bless it.

    We are supposed to start every single thing with prayers to God, seeking direction. In the lords prayer, Jesus said “give us this day our daily bread”, not monthly or weekly bread, that simply means that every day we have to communicate with our father and collect our daily bread, daily guidance and instructions.

    Doing things in our own strength and capacity will limit us. God can see things that we can’t see, he knows the right people that should be in our lives, he knows where the danger and dead ends are so why don’t we ask him before we begin anything?

    Its important that we make a principle of not seeing anyone before we talk to God, we are never too busy for God, if you take your time to say your prayers in the morning, then you will have a better Day, a day free from mistakes. When we ask God for wisdom every morning, we are showing him that we are totally dependent on him and when we humble ourselves before the lord, he will surely exalt us.

    A lot of people are too proud and they seem like they do not need God, all might be going well for you but it will get better with the presence of God in your life. Let us endeavour to seek God first so that every other thing can be added unto our lives.


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