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Today’s Message Of Inspiration and Motivation

    Here are today’s words of hope hope, inspiration and motivation. Read and meditate on them and enjoy the spiritual growth and developement.

    Today’s words:

    If you’re worrying, if you’re praying from a place of doubt, defeat, “God, why is this happening? When is it going to work out?” That’s going to limit you. Pray from a place of victory. Pray what God promised you.

    You’re not going to stay strong by begging God, by asking again and again, by worrying, complaining, “God, where are You?” You grow strong by thanking God that it’s on the way.

    When you’re always thanking God, bragging on His goodness, talking about how great He is, that’s when you’re going to see His favor in amazing ways. You don’t have to keep asking again and again. Make the switch and start thanking Him for what He promised.

    You went to God with your request. Now add the thanksgiving. Believe that it’s already done. From now on, no more begging God for the same thing. “Father, thank You that I am free. Thank You that I’m whole. Thank You that the power in me is greater than what’s trying to stop me.

    Thanking God is your faith at work. When He hears praises coming up, blessings will come down. That’s when He’ll dispatch angels and set miracles into motion.

    The bigger you make God, the smaller your problems will become, and the more faith will rise in your heart. That’s what makes you strong. Are you worrying, or are you praying with boldness, with faith, with thanksgiving?

    God works where there’s faith. When He hears you thanking Him for something that you can’t see, praising Him for the promise when you could be complaining, that gets God’s attention. That’s when He’ll make things happen that you couldn’t make happen

    The Scripture says, “Come boldly to the throne of grace.” You won’t go boldly if you’re always begging. You won’t pray with confidence if you’re asking again and again for the same thing. You need to switch out of the asking mode and into the thanking mode.

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