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A Reason To Stop Worrying – Watch This Whenever You’re Stressed Or Anxious! – Motivation

    Today Motivation A Reason To Stop Worrying – Watch This Whenever You’re Stresses Or Anxious! – Motivation .

    Can your worrying change anything? Can it make the sun go down or the moon come up at night? the answer is no. We cannot change anything when we worry but we still worry, even though no solution ever comes from worrying.

    Philippians 4 vs.6-7 says do not worry, learn to pray about everything, give thanks to God as much as you ask him for what you need, and the peace of God, which is much greater than the human mind can understand will be ours. and this peace will keep our hearts and mind safe through Christ Jesus.

    The lord has specifically instructed us not to worry. In Matthew 6 vs. 25-27, the lord says, “I tell you this, do not worry about your life, do not worry about what you are going to eat and drink. Do not worry about what you are going to wear, is not life more important than food? Is not the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the sky, they don’t plant seed nor do they gather grains yet your father in heaven feeds them, are you not more important than the birds? Which of you can make your self an inch taller by worrying?” The bible make us to understand that there will be time when things will happen in our lives, that will cause us anxiety, and we are told that we should also hand over those anxieties and worries to God because God wants to be our Rock.

    How do we stop this pattern of worry?

    It’s by praying and getting into the word of God, for only through reading the word of God will our minds be renewed, we are changed by going through God’s words Frequently and not just once a while.

    Let’s not forget that worrying can become so intense that it will lead to physical health damages, lack of sleep etc. because of this, those who worry tend to go into bad habits to help them momentarily, habits like drugs sex alcohol and at the end they fall into depression.

    To worry less we have to cleanse our mind from all forms of negativity, with the help of the holy spirit because we cannot fight the battle of the mind without holy spirit, the bible also tell us that if we give ourselves to God, the devil will flee from us. We shouldn’t have to bear all our worries alone because we have our ever-present God with us who loves us and is willing to help us have the greatest peace in existence, which is the peace that God gives. Give all your worries to God in prayers and he will take care of them.



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