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TIM DOREMUS : Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, Net worth, etc


    Tim Doremus  is an American preacher and Motivational Speaker. He is the Campus Pastor of Life.Church branch in Kansas Campus. Pastor Tim was born to his American parents on 20th of February, 1980 in the Kansas Metropolis USA and also brought up there.

    Pastor Tim Doremus Biography

    Pastor Tim has been Pastoring Life.Church in Kansas Campus since 2010. Coming from an average Christian home Tim was taught by his parents in the way of the Lord. Pastor Tim Doremus is happily married to his wife Katie with whom he has been leading one of the Life.Church site in Kansas Campus.  Tim and his wife, Katie, have two kids and are passionate about the local church, Christ-honoring marriages, and enjoying God’s creation.


    Pastor Tim Doremus was born on the 20th of February, 1980. Accordingly, he is 42 years old (2022). Pastor Tim marks his birthday on the 20th Febrary every year and t remains a very special day in his life when he celebrates with family, friend and congregation.


    Pastor Tim Doremus of the is happily married to Katie Doremus They got married on the 7th December 2002. Accordingly, by December 7 2022, the couples would have been married for 20 years.

    Tim Doremus Wife Katie Doremus

    The marraige between Tim na Katie Doremus is blessed with two  children, a daughter named Olivia (born October 18 2006) and a son named Jack  (born January 26 2009).

    Tim Doremus Children
    Tim Doremus Children Olivia and Jack Doremus
    Tim Doremus daughter Olivia
    Tim Doremus and
    his daughter Olivia


    Tim Doremus son Jack
    Tim Doremus and son Jack

    Celebrationg their 19th year wedding anniversary on December 7 2021, Pastor Tim took to instagram to share:

    Pastor Tim has been a wonderful and a caring husband and a father to his wife and children, they are all happily living together as role model to their congregation. The couples are passionate about the local Church, ordaining Christ-honoring marriages. Pastor Tim and his family has been at the Kansas Campus enjoying Gods creation. He has been on the Life.Church pastoral team since 2010.


    The executive Pastor of the Life.Church, Kansas Campus, Pastor Tim and his wife Katie Doremus has been pastoring and ministering in the local church since 2010. Pastor Tim and his wife Katie has been building and growing the congregation at Kansas Campus through sharing oof the word of God.

    He joined the local Church as a staff and grew to a point where he became the Executive pastor of the Church. The Life. Church is an American Evangelical Multi-site Church located in Edmond, OK. was founded in 1996 by an American Preacher and an entrepreneur “Craig Groeschel”.  In 2008 Bobby Gruenewald in partnership with Life.Church created a Bible App called YouVersion which is a mobile online Bible App available for android phone, window phone and other operating gadget.

    The Bible APP (YouVersion) was designed to accommodate over 800 Bible plans and devotional, in addition to 2,759 Bible Version in 1,831 different languages, offline functionality and Audio Bible.

    Pastor Tim Doremus and the whole pastoral team in Life.Church has been part of the growth and expansion of the ministry both in size and congregation. As of 2015 the Life.Church had 75,494 people in weekly attendance and over 15 Campuses site within USA.

    In 2018, Live.Church opened over 30 Campuses in different Cities in America and about 95,000 people in attendance.

    As of 2022 Life.Church weekly attendance is over 150,000 people nationwide and over 3-4 thousand people connecting online every Sundays. Life.Church has been touching and changing life all across the states in America and Pastor Tim Doremus has been on that Pastoral team doing great work for God through his inspirational teaches drawing men and women to the knowledge of Christ.


    Pastor Tim Doremus is an inspirational preacher and Motivational Speaker whose teaching and Sermons have coontribted immensely in the spiriitual growth and development of thousands of people worldwide. Some of Pastor Tim Doremus  remarkable sermons include:

    • Can you trust God?
    • What Would Jesus Undo
    • Living Without Worry
    • Over Come
    • Overwhelmed
    • How To Let Go Of Your Past
    • You Got It
    • Travel Light
    • God Is


    There’s no concrete information about Pastor Tim Doremus net worth. Accordingly, we cannot estimate his net worth or how much he earns. However,  his main sources of income include incoome from his pastoral work and motivational speaking.


    You can find and follow Pastor Tim Doremus on the following social media platforms;

    Twitter: @timdoremus

    Instagram: @timdoremus

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