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This Spirit Is Taking Over The World But People Don’t See It – Motivation

    This Spirit Is Taking Over The World But People Don’t See It – Motivation : There is a spirit which is taking over the world, slowly but surely and that is the spirit of fear. People are afraid of different things, which include the fear of tomorrow. People actually take years of their lives thinking of their fear.

    Many of us have worried about things in that past that never came to pass. Some people have been physically paralysed by fear, its important that we know that fear will only take from us but not add anything to us, the close cousin of fear is over thinking and the close cousin to over thinking is worry.

    The bible clearly tells us that fear is a spirit and most people do not perceive fear as a spirit, although there is a natural fear we are supposed to have, but there is the unnatural fear, the fear sent out by the devil, it is a tactic of Satan and one of his greatest weapons, with which he has stolen the joy of so many through the spirit of fear.

    Today we are being encouraged and reminded that, as children of God we do not have to be afraid nor do we have to live in fear. We are living in a world dominated by chaos and despair, it is almost impossible to determine or predict the event of the next hour, how much more that of the next few days, months or years.

    The child of God is never meant to fear or be afraid even amidst this scary world because we have the Holy Spirit within us, fear also dwells with people, the Holy Spirit and fear cannot dwell in the same person. The holy spirit is always present, we do not have to go through any of this alone, God gave us the holy spirit to be our comforter, trust in him and watch him make everything right in your life and give you the peace from God in this chaotic world.



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