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The Resurrection Side of the Cross – Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional (August-07-2021)


    Joyce Meyer (August-07-2021) Daily Devotional: The Resurrection Side of the Cross

    We can learn to live on the resurrection side of the cross. Jesus wasn’t just crucified; thankfully, He was raised from the dead so that we might no longer be stuck in sin, living lowly, wretched, miserable lives.

    We often see a crucifix in a church with an image of Jesus hanging on it. I know it is done to remember and honor Him, and I am not against it, but the truth is that He is not on the cross any longer. He is seated in heavenly places with His Father, and He is enjoying resurrection living.

    We can thankfully celebrate that Jesus came to lift us out of the ordinary, out of negative thinking, guilt, shame, and condemnation. He came to take our sin to the cross and defeat it. It has no power over us any longer because we are forgiven—the penalty has been paid. We can live on the resurrection side of the cross and be seated in heavenly places with Him through faith.

    Prayer Starter: Father, help me to experience the resurrection power of Jesus in my life. Thank You that Jesus conquered sin and death, and because Your Spirit lives in me, I can live an overcoming, victorious life too.


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