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The Prophet Isaiah Warned Us About This – “Time Is Running Out” – Motivation

    The Prophet Isaiah Warned Us About This Time Is Running Out Motivation: none of us know how much time we have left, all we do and can do is ask for long life from God continuously, it is important that at all times, we ask our selves how much we have left. it is surprising the way some people live their lives as though they have been destined to live forever or the earth is the only place we will live in. we must keep in mind at all times that the earth is not our final destination.

    We still have a home to return to, a home where your inputs and impacts here on earth will decide how you spend your eternity, often people regard teachings like this as out of vogue but truth be told, if all Christians live with the consciousness that we all have a home to return to in heaven, the world will be a better place.

    God in his Supremacy has hidden from us all, the time of our deaths or how we are going to die. for some people death came when they had just started to find their feet in life, for some others, they live much longer than they expected without achieving so much. family background, health status, physical appearances have nothing to do with the end, this tells us that our time of departure is not dependent on what we have or do not have, this means a mans life is not preserved by the abundance of his wealth.

    This motivation simply states to us that, it does not matter the number of church services you attended and churches you preached in, what matters is the extent to which yo walked in love towards God and men, all that the prophets taught and is emphasised  in the laws of Moses is centred  on love. the 10 commandment can also be summarised into love, the love of God which is seen in the first four and the love of man which is seen in the last six.

    Loving God and our neighbour is the key required for this race.