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The 7 Influencers of Culture -Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Sheets

    The 7 Influencers of Culture -Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Sheets : Decades ago, Bill Bright of campus crusade for Christians and Loren Cunningham of youths with a mission, released a teaching of “the seven influencers of society or the pillars culture is built on”. They were religion, family, arts and entertainment, government, business, media and education, they said whomever controls these seven influencers will shape and control a nation.     Jesus called the process of shaping a nation discipling it. The word disciple means more than a student it means a follower of the teacher and his teachings. Bright and Cunningham realised that much of the discipling processing would take place outside the confines of a religious gathering.

    Does anyone believe that a church or religious organisation can exert as much influence as the remaining six influencers combined? In the past 50 years a combined effort of humanist and Antichrist forces has literally reshaped or discipled our nation and they did so using these mountains.

    Sadly, the teachings regarding these seven pillars did not gain the traction, it should have in the 70’s because the church at the time had no paradigm for discipling a nation, only for winning souls and discipling individuals, our goal was to prepare the individual for heaven or to get to heaven not bring heavens influence to earth.

    God used lance wall and others to resurrect the teachings of discipleship 15 to 20 years ago and it gained much traction, the coming revival or awakening will bring life to the consciences of millions of people. The breaking of demonic influence will occur, Gods law will be written in people’s hearts.

    A love and respect for him will be in their regenerated spirits and a desire to know him will be strong, this will produce a hunger for Gods words in other to know what to think. It will lead to a true hunger for Gods truth.



    Matthew 28 vs. 18-20



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