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Terri Savelle Foy: 7 Signs You’re Showing Your Insecurity

    Terri Savelle Foy message 7 Signs You are Showing Your Insecurity : The daighter of the famous preacher Jerry Savelle , Terri Savelle Foy shares this message titled “7 Signs You’re Showing Your Insecurity” where he teaches that your communication with everyone around you is 73-90% nonverbal.

    According to Terri, you are you are communicating something all the time, without ever saying a word. She spoke about seven signs that indicate someone is insecure or lacks confidence and the greatest tip she ever received on how to raise your confidence level. Terri Savelle said she had to overcome many of these signs herself. You can rewire your brain at any age, so it’s not too late and she believes God has given you the power to be confident in the person He has made you to be.

    She said she is not gonna leave you hanging as she is gonna give you the greatest tip she ever learned to build her confidence. Now, when she says you’re showing insecurity, that means body language. But there’s other signs that you may not realize are giving the signal of insecurity. It’s not just the lack of eye contact or the dead fish handshake. Number one is you have anxiety.

    Watch and learn from this message by Terri Savelle Foy “7 Signs You’re Showing Your Insecurity” as we bring the latest messages from pastors around the globe to you.

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