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Ted Haggard: Biography, Age, Family Life, Career, and Net Worth


    The Ted Haggard Saga: A Tale of Faith, Controversy, and Redemption

    In the realm of evangelical Christianity, few names have stirred up as much controversy and intrigue as Ted Haggard. Known for his charismatic persona, influential ministry, and subsequent fall from grace, Haggard’s story is one that encompasses both triumphs and tribulations. This blog post delves into the life and career of Ted Haggard, exploring his rise to prominence, the controversies that surrounded him, and his ultimate journey towards redemption.

    Ted Haggard

    Ted Haggard Biography

    Born on June 27, 1956, in Indiana, Ted Haggard grew up in an evangelical Christian family. He developed a deep passion for religion from a young age and exhibited natural leadership abilities. Haggard pursued higher education, earning a degree in journalism and a master’s degree in divinity. These academic achievements laid the foundation for his future career as a prominent figure in the evangelical world.


    Ted Haggard was born on the June 27, 1956. Accordingly, he is 66 years old as at May 2023 being the  time of this publication. Despite the passage of time, his impact on the religious landscape continues to resonate.


    Haggard’s career in ministry can be traced back to the founding of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1985. Under his leadership, the church experienced tremendous growth, eventually becoming one of the most influential megachurches in the United States. Haggard’s dynamic preaching style and ability to connect with diverse audiences propelled him to prominence within the evangelical community.

    Ted Haggard


    Ted Haggard’s ministry extended beyond his role as the pastor of the New Life Church. He held influential positions in various Christian organizations, including serving as the president of the National Association of Evangelicals. Haggard advocated for conservative Christian values and engaged in numerous initiatives promoting faith-based causes, including anti-abortion campaigns and efforts against same-sex marriage.

    In 2009, following his 2006 scandal, former pastor Ted Haggard expressed his thoughts and feelings in an extensive interview with Colorado Springs Independent. Discussing his past, the consequences, and his future plans, Haggard announced his intention to start a new church in Colorado Springs. In November 2009, he started hosting public prayer meetings in his home, and by 2010, the first meeting of the new church took place. This resulted in the establishment of the Saint James Church in Colorado Springs by Haggard and his wife, Gayle. In 2015, Haggard became a Free Methodist Church elder and continues to serve as founding pastor at St. James Church. However, following new allegations about his misconduct in 2022, he sold the warehouse housing the Saint James Church for $1.95 million and founded a home-based micro church.

    Family Life:

    Haggard’s family life played a significant role in shaping his character and beliefs. He married his wife, Gayle Haggard , in 1978, and they have five children together; Christy (1981), Marcus (1983, founder and former pastor of Boulder Street Church, Colorado Springs), Jonathan (1987), Alex (1990), and Elliott (1993). Their strong bond was tested during the most challenging period of Haggard’s life, but their commitment to each other ultimately led to a remarkable story of forgiveness and reconciliation.

    Ted Haggard


    In November 2006, allegations emerged that Ted Haggard, a prominent evangelical leader, had engaged in a three-year s*xual relationship with a male escort and used drugs. Haggard initially denied the accusations but later admitted to some of them as evidence surfaced, leading to his resignation from leadership positions. The scandal had a profound impact on Haggard’s personal life and reputation, but he embarked on a journey of healing and redemption with his wife. He sought therapy, started a new church, and shared his story in a documentary and a book. The controversy remains a divisive topic, with some acknowledging his efforts at redemption and others remaining critical of his actions.

    Books Written:

    In the aftermath of the controversy, Haggard embarked on a journey of self-reflection and redemption. He authored several books, including “The Confessions of Ted Haggard,” in which he openly acknowledged his mistakes, explored his spiritual journey, and offered insights into the challenges he faced.

    Some of his other books include:

    1. “Primary Purpose: Making It Hard for People to Go to Hell from Your City” (1995): In this book, Haggard explores the idea of Christians having a primary purpose in their lives, which is to make a positive impact and lead others to salvation.

    2. “The Life-Giving Church: The Experience of Life with God in the New Covenant” (2001): Haggard discusses the importance of vibrant and life-giving churches in the modern world, emphasizing the power of the Holy Spirit and the need for personal transformation.

    3. “Dog Training, Fly Fishing, and Sharing Christ in the 21st Century: Empowering Your Church to Build Community Through Shared Interests” (2005): In this book, Haggard explores the idea of building community and fostering relationships within the church by finding common interests and engaging in activities together.

    4. “Letters from Home: A Wake-up Call for Success and Wealth” (2006): Haggard shares his personal journey and offers insights into achieving success and wealth from a biblical perspective, focusing on the importance of faith, integrity, and stewardship.

    It’s worth noting that the release of these books predates the scandal that significantly impacted Haggard’s career. While these books were once part of his literary contribution, their popularity and relevance may have been affected in light of subsequent events.

    Net Worth:

    As of the latest available information, Ted Haggard’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. The financial consequences of the scandal and his subsequent efforts to rebuild his life and ministry significantly impacted his wealth.

    Social Media:

    In today’s digital age, social media plays a crucial role in shaping public perception. Ted Haggard has utilized platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate with his followers, share his thoughts on faith, and express gratitude for the support he has received during his journey of redemption.

    In conclusion, Ted Haggard’s life is a testament to the complexity of human nature and the power of forgiveness and redemption. His rise to prominence, subsequent fall from grace, and the resilience he displayed in rebuilding his life are compelling aspects of his story. While the controversy surrounding him is impossible to ignore, it is equally essential to acknowledge his efforts to reconcile with his past and find redemption in the face of adversity. Ted Haggard’s life serves as a reminder that no one is immune to mistakes, but it is how we respond to those mistakes that truly defines us.

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