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    TD JAKES SERMON THIS SEASON WILL NOT DESTROY YOU : God has given me something that’s stronger than the times I’m in, because we have been chosen and so have you and God would not have chosen you if this were going to destroy you, the bible says that we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation o peculiar people, that we didn’t just wander into him, we were chosen. He said you have not chosen me i have chosen you, i picked you out, i chose you, we are chosen, we know this from a biblical theological perspective that the reason that we are here is because he drew us, no man can come unto the father except the son draws him.

    He drew us to him but we don’t think about this, that we as a generation are chosen to go through a challenge that this country or the world has not seen in a hundred years of all the generations, my mother missed it, my father missed it, my grandmother missed it, my great-grandmother missed it, they had trials that had tests, they didn’t have coveted, they didn’t have masks all over their face, they didn’t have people arguing and fighting about this that and the other they didn’t have George Floyd, they didn’t have racial combat like it is, now it’s crazy.

    It’s so crazy that there is enough stress in the world to take your sleep and then when you add to it the stress of your own life, what’s going on with you and the people in your house and the people you’re related to, the people you love and you take that stress and you put it on national stress and then you add global stress, it is too much stress.

    Too much stress coming at us from all directions leaves us with suppressed trauma that has no way to escape that Comes out of rage and self-medication and over-indulgences and excesses and tempers and flaring and people jumping on stewardess and flight attendants and road rage and shooting people over parking spaces, that’s too much stress

    Pastor T.D Jakes said I’ve got good news, Jesus said my peace I give out unto thee, not the peace of the world but the peace which passive, all understanding, this is the peace that you stand under, you stand under a piece that defies logic, crazy peace, ridiculous peace, the kind of peace that other people will call you a fool for but you just got a peace in your spirit and in your heart, that he that has began a good work and you shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

    You’ve got the peace to understand that even though we are living through a crushing season as a planet with global warming and everything else going on and people shooting and people fighting on planes and all kinds of sickness and people dying on respirators, you’ve got to know in the midst of all of this that God is not taken by surprise.

    Source: TD Jakes Youtube

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