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    TD JAKES SERMON THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO LOSE YOUR HEAD : Pastor T.D Jakes asks us are you so busy managing the emotional relationships that you have that you don’t have the energy to think the thoughts you need to think to go where you need to go, are you so busy managing your feelings and the feeling the people around you and trying to make them feel what you feel and still need what you need and what you want that you’re not making progress in life, this is the bottom.

    No matter how blessed or successful you are or might be, there are moments in your life that you go through tests and trials just like anybody else, people don’t understand that with every blessing there’s always a battle.

    Pastor T.D Jakes says, I want to share this word with you that will help you with the battle so that you can enjoy the blessings because sometimes you’re so busy of the fight, you lose sight of the victory.

    Paul writes to the Church of Ephesus and tells them to put on the whole armor of God because you are under attack, there is not a person in this room that is not constantly up under attack no matter how bless you been, no matter how successful, no matter how accomplished, no matter how healthy, no matter how fruitful, you are somewhere in your life, you are either being attacked or about to be attacked in some area of your life and God says I’m going to bless you but you’ve got to dress for the battle while you receive the blessing.

    With every blessing there is a battle, I would venture to say the greater the blessing, the greater the battle. The enemy would not send that level of battle against you if there were not that level of blessing before you, the level of battle you face is an indication of the level of blessings that you stand to receive.

    No Rommel Rob’s an empty house, nobody holds up a bag lady because she doesn’t have anything to steal, if you’re up under attack, there’s something to be gained, so the Bible says put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand the wiles of the devil, the tactics, the antics of the devil and then he says once you get it all in order, having done all the stabbed, you got all dressed up not to run, you got dressed up to stand, not to give place or territory to the devil, not to evacuate the turf that’s yours.

    if you’re going to hold on to what I have given you because I have given you some things that you are yet to possess and in order to possess what I’ve given you, to take it out of the euphoria of an idea and snatch it into the realm of a possession.

    Pastor T.D Jakes says, you’re going to have to stand having it all to stay as your willpower, your strength, your might, your intensity having been all to stand the first stand belongs to you, you have to do that, you stop asking God to make you stand, if you’re not willing to stay, you have to have an investment in what God has given you.




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