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    TD JAKES SERMON FIND A NEW SENSE OF NORMALCY IN SEASONS OF TRAUMA : Pastor T.D Jakes talks to us about our emotions in traumatising times, he, says I’m talking about your mind, I’m talking about your emotions, your will, your spirit,  your fight, your drive, your tenacity, your sense of normalcy , your courage to get out of the house, your courage to get out of the bed, the courage to continue when there’s a threat, etc. All these  require that there’s something about God.

    Remember that the dying words of the thief on the cross was ”remember me”. The words of Jesus at the last supper is ”as often as you do this you do this in remembrance of me”.  What does remember mean? Remember is to put back together again.

    When we remember what God has done that becomes the foundation on which we build our lives, now a house is not a foundation and nobody can live in a foundation but it has to have a foundation in order to be a house and I’m not suggesting that your life begins and ends and all through the middle is nothing but Jesus because you got to take out the trash you got to brush your teeth you got to comb your hair you got to get your nails done you got to get your feet done or you’re going to cut your blankets when you land in the bed at night all of that happens but i am saying that God is the foundation.


    When God delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt, he did it as a foundation for them to remember and all through the old testament he says over and over again, am I not the God who brought you out from the red sea, am I not the God who brought you out by my own hand and my strong arm, it becomes a point of reference to which you face the future, remembering what he did in the past, remembering it, putting it back together again and again and again and recreating it as a point of reference to fight from to stand from to drive from, to preach from, to teach from, what do you have to remember?


    It’s important that you have something to remember, something on God’s resume that you know that he did for you and it tells you that if God would do that he can do this, if he can drive back the red sea and bring me across on dry land then he can fight you off, he can deal with the Amalekites and the Hittites and the jerusalets and the gerashites, God does certain things so you will have something to remember, a point of reference to which you build your life upon and you stand on it and you say I’m not sure about this and I’m not sure about that but this one thing, I do know, you have to know this, you have to know this in your norm, you have to know this when your girlfriend doesn’t know it, when your prayer warriors don’t know it, when your children don’t know it, when your mama doesn’t know it, something that you know that becomes the catalyst against the trials, against the traumas, against the sleepless nights, against the virus, against the crisis, against the times that we’re living in, you must know that God will always be there for you through that one thing you must always remember that will keep you going.


    Pastor T.D Jakes wants us to know That there’s something about God that you have to remember, for the children of Israel it was the blood of the lamb that was painted on the doorpost and death angel passed by and said when i see the blood I will pass over you. We are advised to find ours and hold on to it strongly.

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