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    Pastor T.D Jakes says, We cannot see what God can see, we can see to the corner but God can see around the corner and if you just trust him when all hell is breaking loose, if you trust him with tears running down your face, if you trust him through a bad season and a storm and it’s okay to be scared, you can have fear and faith at the same time.


    Pastor T.D Jakes tells us a story and links it to trusting God when he does not answer. He said, I had sat on a plane for about 12 hours left the beautiful city of Dallas flew to London got out in Heathrow walked the corridors, made the change and then flew another nine or ten hours to Lagos Nigeria and then by car I traveled out somewhere I had never been before to speak to over a million people, I was in the hotel getting ready for the event Pastor Adeboye had invited me to, one of the biggest meetings he does during the year, he’s huge all over the world, but in Africa it’s unexplainable and I was getting ready to go, when I got a call, the phone rang my son Jamar had, had a heart attack and the doctors were trying to stabilise him and while they were telling me about it, he’d had a second one and the airport was shut down for the evening  and we had to pull all kinds of strings to get out of there and I never got to preach to the crowd

    One because under battle you always have to keep your priorities straight, don’t let the seduction of the crowd or the allurement of the masses make you forget about the commitment to the few, Jamar was my son and I had to be there and I wondered lord how in the world could this be happening, they had rushed him into surgery and it didn’t look good and I said this is a 20-something year old young man, who’s vibrant healthy in good shape not overweight, how could this happen, you we want to understand everything but we don’t, so I flew for hours and hours and all the while I stayed awake the whole time, saying God spare my son because I don’t want to know the pain of losing my child and we want to understand why and I got to the hospital I came down the hall and he’s laying in the hospital bed and he said I hear my daddy coming and I walked in the room I shaved his chest. I talked to him, I tried to get him ready for this this surgery they were going to do because they had to try to figure out where this was coming from and the first one hadn’t proven it and I wanted answers and I learned something, you don’t get answers because you want them, that God doesn’t explain himself for that matter, the doctors don’t explain themselves, I would have taken an answer from anybody, they weren’t explaining much because they weren’t sure why he had the heart attack, they couldn’t give me answers and when I prayed and asked God why did I have to go through this, he chose to be silent and the real issue becomes can you trust God when he doesn’t answer.

    Because we want answers and we’re raised in school to seek answers   and then if you get the answer right, we reward You and it makes us think that there’s an answer but sometimes, life hands you stuff where there is no answer, now he recovered and I’m happy about that, he really recovered but my point in talking to you about seeking answers is that it’s a dangerous thing to seek answers while you’re suffering, that’s like trying to diagnose a storm in the middle of a tsunami. You have to get to the other side of it and look back at it and see it in retrospect because if you ask too many questions at the wrong time, you’re not going to come up with healthy answers or no answers at all and the frustration becomes a distraction because what difference does it make while you’re still dealing with what and if you’re dealing with what you can’t worry about why.

    Pastor T.D Jakes  teaches us from his experience, he said, As Christians, it is our goal to walk by faith and not by sight, to not ask God to appeal to your intellect because when you ask God to appeal to your intellect, you ask him to come down to your level, when his thoughts are above your thoughts and his ways are above your ways.


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