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    TB Joshua – Sermon: COMFORT in AFFLICTION!

    It is one thing to be suffering any form of affliction. It is another thing to put yourself mind and body in the affliction. No matter what we are passing through in life, we have reasons to be happy. If not for anything, the fact that we are still alive.

    “There is something far more important than whatever situation you are passing through – your dream and goals.” – TB Joshua

    It is also paramount that some of the challenges we are passing through one time or the other may  be part of the events that would reveal God’s purpose in our lives!

    As TB Joshua says, “Men of purpose do not concentrate on where they are now, their focus, aim and desire is on their destination!” Get ready to find comfort even in the midst of your situation as you watch this heart-warming sermon from Prophet TB Joshua at The SCOAN titled, ‘Comfort In Affliction’.

    The love of God, our being alive etc are sufficient reasons to be happy in the midst of affliction.

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