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T.D. Jakes Sermons: The Discipline of Doing Part 1

    T.D. Jakes Sermons The Discipline of Doing Part 1 : Here is another inpiring and educative sermon by the Potter’s House Founder, Bishop TD Jakes titled ” The Discipline of Doing Part 1”.

    Preaching on this sermon, Bishop TD Jakes said;

    There is no shortcut to excellence.” Watch this T.D. Jakes sermon as he reveals principles for building a lasting, spiritual foundation in the first part of “The Discipline of Doing” from the series Work Your Faith.

    Faith is not passive. You are meant to move. You are meant to live a life of action.
    Bishop Jakes exposes our modern-day culture, our “Instant Age,” as the reason why so many of us don’t understand the investment entailed in building a strong foundation. It takes tenacity to build something. It takes patience. It takes energy and hard work. It takes vision, planning, and digging down deep so that you can build up to something that doesn’t just look good but lasts through anything that seeks to knock it down.

    To build up, you need not just to hear the Word but do it. Engage the Word, practice it, and let it influence and change your behavior.

    Dig deep. Build up. Work your faith.

    Watch “The Discipline of Doing,” as Bishop Jakes also unpacks the significance of human relationships as a factor in this process.

    Watch and learn frim this spirit lifting and insightful sermon by TD Jakes and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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    Video Credit : TD Jakes Youtube

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