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T.D. Jakes Sermons: Nothing Just Happens

    T.D. Jakes Sermons Nothing Just Happens : The founder of Potter’s House Church and TD Jakes Ministries, Bishop TD Jakes has come through with this life changing gospel message titled ” Nothing Just Happens’

    Be rest assured that this is an educative and life changing sermon that you would love to listen to.

    Preaching on this sermon, Pastor TD Jakes said, Nothing can stop God’s purpose in your life. Watch, listen, and be encouraged from T.D. Jakes’ sermon, “Nothing Just Happens.” Bishop Jakes preaches from the story of Ruth and Naomi. This is a classic, biblical story of sorrow turning into joy, famine turning into a blessing, and God taking what was meant for ill and turning it into good.

    Nothing just happens. Naomi faced seemingly insurmountable trouble and sadness. First, her family had to leave their ancestral home because of a devastating famine, then her husband and her two sons died. Feeling as if everything was lost, she headed back for home.

    Her daughter-in-law, Ruth, decided to stick by Naomi and followed her to a new homeland. There, God gifted them more blessings than they ever could imagine – even to becoming an integral part of God’s Messianic plan of grace. Nothing just happens.

    T.D. Jakes reminds us that our destiny is purposed by God. No detour, no mistake, no failure is outside the power, the creativity, and the order of God.

    Kindly watch and learn from this sermon by Bishop TD Jakes of Potter’s House church and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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    Watch T.D. Jakes Sermons Nothing Just Happens

    Video credit : TD Jakes Youtube

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