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Sunday Live Service With Pastor David Jeremiah November 21 2021

    Join  Sunday live service with Pastor David Jeremiah for November 21 2021 at Shadow Mountain Community Church .

    This is a unique service designed to be filled with transformational  and inspiring sermon, worship and praise. The senior of Shadow Mountain Community Church and the husband of Donna Jeremiah has transformed and positively impacted the lives of many people in and around the United States of America and beyond through his teachings, sermons, books and life style generally.

    Inviting everyone to this Thanksgiving Sunday, Shadow Mountain Community Church took to Instagram to write:

    It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to gratitude—gathering around a table with family and friends to remind ourselves of what we hold most dear. In addition to our relationship with God through Jesus Christ, is anything more important than giving thanks with those we love and value in our lives? This weekend Pastor Jeremiah will be bringing a message titled “Why Should I Be Thankful?” This message will help set the tone for a great holiday week!⁠

    Join us at on Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 7, 9, or 10:45am and 5pm.”

    Watch and learn from this Sunday Live Service with Pastor David Jeremiah for November 21 2021 as we bring the latest Sunday services from Mega Churches across the USA to you.

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