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Sunday Live Service at New Creation Church December 5 2021

    JOIN  and share in the blessings of New Creation Church Sunday Service at  8.30am & 11.30am with Joseph Prince, Live Stream (December-05-2021). Be rest assured that it is a service you will enjoy being part of.  Today’s English Online Sunday service with Joseph Prince is going to be a unique one as it will be filled with worships, praises and inspiring sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince.

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    Summary of today’s New Creation church message:

    Topic: Parable of the sower.

    The parable of the sower provides different reasons for the non growth of some seeds. Some seeds could not grow because they fell on rocky soil. Jesus explained that these are the ones who receive the Word of God with joy, and even believe for a while. But in the time of testing, they fall away because they have no root. This means, it is one thing to receive the Word and it is another thing to put it into work.

    Live stream English Sunday service with Joseph Prince has impacted positively in the lives of many people around the world.

    Inviting people for today Sunday Live service at New Creation church with Pastor Joseph Prince and Wendy Prince, they took to instagram to write :

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