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Sunday Live Service at Lakewood Church June 26 2022

    Sunday Live Service at Lakewood Church June 26 2022 : You are divinely welcome to today’s Sunday Live service at Lakewood Church with Tauren Wells.

    This is a special Sunday designed to include wonderful praises and worship as well as inspiring sermons.

    Commenting on today’s Sunday service at Lakewood churc, Pastor Joel Osteen wrote on instagram:

    Tauren Wells is here with an inspiring message to refresh your faith and renew your strength! And speak faith into your future as we praise God with the Lakewood Music Team! You are a blessing to our Lakewood family. Pastor Joel Osteen who is the lead pastor of Lakewood church together with his wife Pastor Victoria Osteen has brought about changes in the lives of thousands of people worldwide, thorugh their sermons, daily devotionals, live Sunday service and their general way of life.

    Kindly spare time to watch this beautiful Sunday service and be sure to enjoy the blessings that follow.

    Video credit ; Joel Osteen Youtube

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