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    STEVEN FURTICK SERMONS NEW YEAR NEW VIEW : Pastor Steven Furtick said, for this year you need to see some things with your spirit that you cannot see with your senses and the reason this is so important is because if you don’t recognise where the enemy is attacking you the most frequently and ask God to give you insight into the places of your greatest vulnerability, you will spend all of your energy this year fighting battles that you could have avoided if you would have learned the lessons of last year.


    When you realise that a lot of the battles that you fought, you could have avoided if you had listened to what was on the inside, instead of responding to what was on the outside.


    Pastor Steven Furtick said I want to spend this year with what Paul called open eyes in my heart, this means that there is a kind of sight that does not revolve around external stimuli and it is more based on internal processing and self awareness.


    There’s a theological term progressive revelation, it means that while God never changes our understanding of him, he unfolds over time, not necessarily chronologically but as we experience different things in our life, we come to see God in different ways. the Bible is constructed with the progressive revelation in mind so that you see concepts introduced in the book of Genesis that are mirrored in the book of Revelation, that’s the first and the last and by the time you get to Revelation you get a full picture of what was hinted at in Genesis.


    There are shadows in the Old Testament which ultimately point to Jesus Christ but they’re pointing to something that you have not clearly seen yet, life is this way it is that many of us in this season of our life are going to see things that we only saw a shadow of in a previous season of our life, progressive revelation means that God wants to show you some things about himself and even about you that will cause you to be able to avoid what call unnecessary roughness. it’s a football term but it also applies when we’re going up against the devil some of the battles that you fought last year, we’re in places that you never should have been. There are certain places that you need to stay away from this year because if you go there and then ask God to protect you in those places, which may include don’t I don’t know whether to start with Facebook or whether to start with CNN or whether to start with Fox News but we have to be very careful about where we go watch this not just with our bodies but with our minds.


    It is very possible that God is trying to warn you about certain places that every time you go there, you start feeling judgmental or every time you go there, you start having comparison or every time you go there you start feeling like your life is missing something. Pastor Steven Furtick wants us to cater for our minds by listening and seeing things through a new and positive view.


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