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Steven Furtick Sermon: Why Am I So Tired?

    Steven Furtick Sermon Why Am I So Tired: In Jesus’ day, sometimes they had these different, controversies and they had politics, It was much different in Bible times than it is today, They had some people who supported this leader and some people who supported that leader and then you had the Pharisees who were trying to keep their power, and in order to keep their power, they didn’t care what they had to say, they didn’t care who they had to trample on, they didn’t care who they had to hurt, they didn’t care what misinformation they had to spread.

    So when the prophet from Galilee started performing miracles, He was born in Bethlehem, He grew up in Nazareth, He did his miracles in Galilee, When he started baptising people and he started gaining popularity, he represented a threat to the religious establishment, which had become so political they had lost the heart of the Father in pursuit of building the kingdom of their own ideologies.

    We find ourselves in a time where we could use a whole lot more Jesus, The more they tried to create this pressure for him to fit within their system, he was like, “I’m out of here, That’s not what I’m about. I’m about my Father’s business.”

    In Jesus’ day, they didn’t always report the facts on the news, In Jesus’ day. I’m not talking about today; I’m saying in Jesus’ day, they got it wrong sometimes. In Jesus’ day, they said, “He’s baptising more than John, This guy is getting powerful, we’ve got to stop him.” They actually got it wrong, He wasn’t even the one doing the baptising, a lot of the things we say God does he’s not actually doing.

    The message is called Tired on the Inside; do you know what I’m tired of? I’m tired of not being able to trust any information

    From anywhere, I don’t know what to read anymore, I don’t know whom to follow anymore, I don’t know what to listen to anymore.

    It’s like everybody has an angle, everybody has an agenda, They said, “He’s baptising more than John, You’d better do something.”He was not controlled by anyone. In fact, the only agenda he was fully committed to was the agenda of his Father in heaven. The question is “Whose agenda are you committed to?” Is it the agenda of Jesus?

    We all have some area we try to avoid. In fact, sometimes the reason we’re tired is because we’re working around everything, God wants to bring us through. We have a workaround for our pain, but the form of the workaround for our pain creates a greater dependency that wears us out in the end.

    The beautiful thing about the text is you don’t even have to understand this geographically, you’re experiencing it spiritually, and we all must go through some area. For Jesus, it was that northern part of the kingdom; it was that place that most people would double back, Got to go across the Transjordan, Got to cross near Jericho, They would turn a three-day journey into a six-day journey just to avoid going through what Jesus went straight into.

    Do you know what the Lord said to tell you? What are you working around in your life that God wants you to walk through, and how much longer will you do it that way?

    Pastor Steven Furtick wants us to understand that Jesus knows what we are going through, he walked the earth at some point and he experienced the pressure’s of life, but he was able to with stand it because he had his eyes on his goal, the reason for coming to earth which was doing God’s will. Pastor Steven Furtick wants us to apply this method to our lives, he wants us to understand that God is on our side and he wants us to stop running from the paths he made for us even though it might be difficult and our lives will be much easier.


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