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Steven Furtick Sermon : Restore Your Joy

    Steven Furtick Sermon Restore Your Joy : Here is a new and inspiring sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick who is the lead pastor of Elevation church and hiusband of Pastor Holly Furtick.

    Preaching on this sermon, Pastor Furtick said, Negative doesn’t have to be your normal.

    In “Restore Your Joy,” we’re reminded not to give in to cynicism, but to seek the supernatural happiness that only God gives.

    In our journey of faith, it’s common to experience seasons of discouragement, weariness, and even the loss of joy. However, Pastor Steven Furtick, an inspiring preacher and the lead pastor of Elevation Church, offers a powerful sermon titled “Restore Your Joy.”

    In this sermon, Pastor Furtick addresses the challenges we face in maintaining our joy and provides practical guidance on how to reclaim and rejuvenate the joy that God intends for us. Join us as we dive into Steven Furtick’s sermon and discover the transformative power of restoring joy in our lives.

    Today, we gather with the shared desire to restore our joy. It is a joy that is not dependent on our circumstances but rooted in the unchanging truth of God’s presence and promises. As we embark on this transformative journey together, let us open our hearts and minds to receive the wisdom and encouragement that God has in store for us.”

    The Loss of Joy:

    “Throughout life, we encounter trials, disappointments, and setbacks that can steal our joy. These could be relational challenges, unfulfilled expectations, or the weight of past mistakes. The enemy seeks to rob us of the joy that is rightfully ours as children of God. Yet, we must remember that our joy is not solely determined by external factors but is found in our relationship with the One who is the source of all joy.”

    Biblical Foundation:

    “In Psalm 51:12, David pleads with God, saying, ‘Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.’ David’s words resonate with us as we too desire a restoration of joy. We can find hope in knowing that God is the ultimate restorer of joy. In His presence, we can rediscover the joy that was once lost and allow it to sustain us through every season of life.”

    Rediscovering Joy:

    “To restore our joy, we must first acknowledge and address the factors that have hindered it. It may involve releasing resentment, forgiving others, or letting go of past hurts. We must also take intentional steps to nurture our relationship with God, spending time in His Word, communing with Him in prayer, and seeking His presence. It is through this deep connection with our Heavenly Father that our joy is replenished.”

    Choosing Joy:

    “Restoring joy is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. We have the power to choose joy despite our circumstances. It is a deliberate decision to shift our focus from what is wrong to what is right, from what we lack to the abundance of God’s blessings. By cultivating an attitude of gratitude and celebrating even the smallest victories, we open ourselves up to experience the joy that God desires for us.”

    The Impact of Restored Joy:

    “When we restore our joy, it transforms not only our own lives but also influences those around us. Our joy becomes contagious, drawing others closer to God’s goodness and faithfulness. It inspires hope, ignites passion, and encourages perseverance. In a world longing for joy, we become beacons of light, reflecting the joy of the Lord in all that we do.”


    “As we conclude this sermon on restoring joy, let us remember that joy is not a fleeting emotion but a deep-rooted confidence in God’s love and faithfulness. It is an internal wellspring that overflows, impacting every aspect of our lives. Let us commit to restoring our joy by surrendering our burdens to God, nurturing our relationship with Him, and choosing joy daily. In doing so, we will experience the transformative power of joy and become vessels of joy to a world in need.”

    In the name of Jesus, who is our ultimate source of joy, we pray. Amen.

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