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Steven Furtick sermon March 29 2022 : Growing Pains

    Steven Furtick Sermon March 29 2022 Growing Pains : The lead pastor of Elevation church and the husband of Holly Furtick, Pastor Steven Furtick in this sermon said that you come to a point when what was handed down to you can no longer hold you anymore and it is time to believe God for something more. God is never intimidated by our request for more. If God doesn’t want to give you more, he would have killed you and taken you home already.

    There will come a time in your life when when the people you were positioned with yesterday and the mentalities they represent will not be an adequate support system for where God is taking you. As you are growing into your inheritance, you are growing out of your past and when you start outgrowing, you have to shed some stuffs, you have to shed some ways of thinking.

    St Paul said, when i was a Child, i spoke like a child, i thought like a child, i understood like a child. But when i became a man, i put away childish things because i am growing into it.

    God wants to wake you up to realize that there are some things you are too grown for. They are not you anymore.

    Tell yourself, I am too grown for bitter, I am too grown to be negative, I am too grown to be cynical, I am too grown to be lazy, I am too grown to hang around people who are not believing for everything. I am outgrowing it. I am too grown, I cannot stay here. Whatever stands against you today, maybe larger than you in appearance but not larger than you in the spirit of God. The unlimited spirit of God lives in the inside of us.

    If you are beginning to sense that there is more for your life than you are currently experiencing, step up.

    Today God is coming with a chainsaw and clearing out limitations.

    Watch , listen and meditate on this message by Steven Furtick an d stay connected with us.

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