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Steven Furtick : Lost Your Passion? Here’s How To Recover It

    Steven Furtick Sermon Lost Your Passion Here’s How To Recover It : The lead pastor of Elevation church and the husband of Holly Furtick, Pastor Steven Furtick has come through with this wonderful, insightful and inspiring sermon titled ”Lost Your Passion? Here’s How To Recover It”.

    This is a sermon you cannot afford to miss.

    According to Pastor Furtick, when David got done lamenting what he had lost and he prayed out, God don’t take your spirit from me, I can lose anything but i don’t want to lose my place.

    If you will find your purpose, you will recover your passion. I think the worst advise we could give a young person is to follow your passion. That might sound eciting but it is self-destructive. You don’t follow your passion. If you follow your passion, you are going to get your passion confused with your feelings and the first time the wind blows really hard, your flame will go out. Don’t folloow your passion because sometimes you can’t tell your passion apart from your preference. Sometimes you can’t tell your faith apart from your preference. So you don’t stay in the hard places. Don’t follow your passion, follow your urpose. Remember the reason God saved you. Get your lampstand back. Every candle needs a stand. The passion is the flame and the purpose is the stand. Put your passion on your purpose.

    Kindly watch and learn from this wonderful sermon by Stephen Furtick ”Lost Your Passion? Here’s How To Recover It”  and understand the difference between passion and purpose and the reason why you must follow your purpose and not your passion.

    May God bless his words in our hearts, guide us on how to discover and follow our purpose rather than our passion and finally grant us our heart desires.

    Video Credit : Steven Furtick Youtube

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