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Steven Furtick Sermon : Is The Devil Messing Up My Relationships?

    Steven Furtick Sermon Is The Devil Messing Up My Relationships? The lead pastor of Elevation church, Pastor Steven Furtick has come through with this amazing and highly inspiring sermon titled ”Is The Devil Messing Up My Relationships?”

    In this sermon ”Is The Devil Messing Up My Relationships?”, Pastor Steven Furtick tackled the age-old question of whether or not the devil is messing up our relationships. His sermon, “Is The Devil Messing Up My Relationships?”, explores the idea that Satan is actively trying to interfere with our relationships, both romantic and platonic.

    Pastor Furtick uses biblical stories to illustrate the idea that Satan has always been actively trying to disrupt our relationships. He points out that Satan’s ultimate goal is to cause chaos and division in our lives, and he does this by manipulating our relationships. Pastor Furtick also explains that Satan often works through people, using them as his pawns to cause discord in our lives.

    The sermon then moves on to discuss how to guard against the devil’s interference in our relationships. Pastor Furtick emphasizes that the most important step is to rely on God. He explains that relying on God allows us to better recognize Satan’s attempts to interfere in our relationships, and it also gives us the strength to resist him. Additionally, Pastor Furtick encourages us to make sure that our relationships are based on truth and love. He explains that relationships that are built on these principles are the ones least likely to be affected by the devil’s schemes.

    Ultimately, Pastor Furtick’s sermon is a reminder that Satan is always trying to interfere in our relationships. By relying on God, recognizing Satan’s attempts, and building relationships on truth and love, we can guard against the devil’s attempts to disrupt our relationships.

    A relationship built on God can never be destroyed by the devil. Build your relationship on God and be free from the destructive activities of the devil.

    Watch Steven Furtick Sermon Youtube ”Is The Devil Messing Up My Relationships?”

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