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Do You Trust God Is Enough? Steven Furtick Sermon 2021

    Steven Furtick Sermon Do You Trust God Is Enough? : do we know that God is more than enough for us and that if he is enough then we are enough, because  if he is in us and he is our God and he made us and put us in our situation, that he will never put us in any situation where we are not enough. Pastor Furtick Steven makes us to understand that sometimes we are hindered by our attachments to the past.

    God’s provision is always now, it never then or there , its always here and now. God’s bread is always here and what makes it enough is who touches it. what made the bread and fish multiply was when they put it on Jesus’s hand, the principle is your proximity to the presence of christ that becomes your provision for the challenges you face. therefore if we stay close to Jesus even  in the wilderness, even if it is through a mistake, as long as you are close to Jesus, your bread will be enough and it will go around and there will be twelve basket full of left overs, he is the bread of life.

    When the bread at the temple came closer to the holy of holies, where the presence of God was, it became less common, it became blessed. this shows that we do not have to be enough, getting close to the Holy of Holies is enough and all we need, the lord will provide all or needs. the bread is always here, today and now. we cannot fight tomorrows  battle with today’s strength, we are wasting today’s grace trying to fight tomorrow’s battles.

    We have to leave the past that is holding us back, we have to consider the past as  our Egypt, and look forward to the promise land which God has kept for us.


    Exodus 16:4-5


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