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Steven Furtick net worth : The amazing sources of Steven Furtick’s income

    Steven Furtick net worth – Steven Furtick is one of the most elite pastors who were born again as early as age sixteen. Steven Furtick is the lead pastor and founder of Elevation Church and the husband of Holly Furtick

    He was born to the parents Faith Liles Furtick and Larry Stevens Furtick in February 19, 1980, making him 42years old in 2022. He is married to Holly Furtick and together they have three lovely kids two sons and a daughter, their names are Elijah Furtick, Graham Furtick and Abbey Furtick respectively.

    Steven Furtick

    Holly Furtick
    Steven Furtick wife Holly Furtick


    Steven Furtick net worth at at January 2022 is estimated at $55, 000, 000. 00 (Fifty five million US Dollars), a well-deserved amount for a multi talented preacher. Some of his sources of income are his books, church salary, he has written some best selling books, social media accounts, speaking engagements and motivational speaking, song writing.

    Steven Furtick gathered a good part of his net worth from his salary at the church, Elevation church is one of the fastest growing churches, with over 20,000 worshipers weekly and he is the senior pastor. His salary was decided by the board members of the church and he has no say in the salary he is paid, this is about everything we know about his salary because the church and he has not disclosed the particular amount, he stated that telling the amount of his salary and how much he gives and has given will be the most arrogant thing and it would lead to him being robbed of his blessings.

    Steven Furtick has also gained a huge part of his net worth from writing, it’s no secret that he is a good preacher, it’s no different when he is penning down words. He is a very talented writer and a best selling author. Some of his wonderful books are: Crash The Chatterbox, Seven Mile Miracle, Sun Stand Still, Greater And (Un)Qualified.

    Steven Furtick is also known for his song writing, he has also won worship best recorded song of the year with the song  “The Blessing” and he was nominated for Best contemporary Christian album      and Best contemporary Christian performer. He was nominated for this awards with the songs “Halleluiah Below” and  “The Blessing” Respectively.

    Steven Furtick is also a motivational and public speaker, he gets called upon to speak in many different occasions and he is paid very well, he is a lively speaker and he is able to carry his crowd along and convey his messages in such a way that it speaks directly to everyone.

    In discussing Steven Furtick Net worth, it should also be pointed out that his  house is worth approximately $2 Million, his mansion is on a 19 acre piece of woodland, his mansion has 5 bedrooms, 7 ½ bathrooms and 8,400 square feet of heated living area. The rest of the space is made up of a basement, attic, garage and porch. He considers his property a gift from God and not as him being extravagant.

    In addition to the above summary of Steven Furtick Net worth, it is imperative to tell you a little about Steven Furtick early life and motivation to becoming a minister of God.

    Steven was born in Moncks Corner, South Carolina on February 19, 1980. His parents named him Larry stevens Furtick. He attended Berkeley High School. While he was still in his teens, he read a book that inspired him to become a minister.

    The publication “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire,” created a fire deep within him. He followed his passion and pursued his education at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned his Masters of Divinity degree. Steven Furtick happens to be one of the pastors that discovered their calling early in life and followed it.

    Today he is waxing strong in evangelism, winning souls for Christ and living life worthy of emulation.  Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church  through his sermons, devotional, short messages and Elevation church live Sunday services, has touched so many lives and won a lot of souls for Christ.

    Information regarding Steven Furtick Net worth shows vividly that Pastor Furtick is a successful pastor and multi talented young man.

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