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Pastor Stephen Rummage of Quail Springs Baptist Church : Biography, Age, Sermons, Children, Wife, Net worth

    Pastor Stephen Rummage Biography :

    Pastor Stephen Rummage is an astute gentleman and once a senior Pastor of Shoals Baptist Church, that is located in Brandon, Florida. However sometime in 2019, Dr. Stephen Rummage announced he was leaving the West Central Florida church to be a senior pastor at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    Stephen Rummage

    The 52 year old pastor served as the chairman of the Southern Baptist Conventions Executive Committee from 2017 to 2018

    Stephen Rummage Age , Date of Birth , Birthday

    Pastor Stephen Rummage was born on 26th Day of December 1968. Accordingly, as of 2021, Dr. Stephen Rummage is 53 years old. The senior pastor of Quail Springs Baptist Church celebrates his birthday on the 26th day of December every year.

    Stephen Rummage wife

    Pastor Rummage is married to Michelle Rummage and which the union produced a son in the person of Joshua Rummage. Pastor Stephen Rummage and  his family resides very close to Brandon, where the church is located.

    Stephen Rummage wife Michelle Rummage
    Stephen Rummage and his wife Michelle Rummage

    The Bell Shoals Baptist Church of which Pastor Stephen Rummage is the Senior pastor is a multi-campus church, with an estimated nine thousand congregants and is located at Tampa Bay area, Brandon, Florida.

    Stephen Rummage Educational Background

    As regards to the education qualification of Pastor Rummage Stephen, he finished from University of North Carolina precisely in Greensboro, where is reputed to have Magna Cum Laude. Also, Pastor Rummage Stephen obtained his Masters in Divinity from Southeastern Seminary. Pastor Rummage Stephen also obtained his Ph.d from  New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, in the area of preaching and theology.

    Currently, Pastor Rummage Stephen is the person spearheading the affairs of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention and also in charge of Florida Baptist State Convention.  Pastor Rummage Stephen was at the Wake Forest, Southestern Baptist Theological Seminary, church for a period of seven years, as a professor spreading the gospel and wining souls. Also, Pastor Rummage Stephen is indefatigable in his teachings of God’s world, because he equally teaches at myriads of institutions, apart from Wake Forest, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    The ministry vision of Pastor Rummage Stephen is anchored on preaching God’s life to transform lives

    Stephen Rummage Books

    Pastor Rummage Stephen is also a renowned author and have written plethora of books and in the year, 2012, a book which he co-authored, Engaging Exposition was presented by Preaching Today as the book of the year.

    Pastor Rummage Stephen, has written myriads of books and most of these books are: Planning for Preaching, which is widely acknowledged and in use as a textbook.

    Pastor Rummage Stephen also co-authored a book with his wife, Michele Rummage and which is Praying with Purpose: A 28-Day to an Empowerment Prayer Life. Also, Moving Forward Day by Day, an annual devotional and which contains readings selected from Pastor Rummage Stephen messages.

    Furthermore, Pastor Rummage Stephen has a radio program to his name and it is known as Moving Forward with Dr, Stephen Rummage. It is imperative to mention that the aforementioned radio station started in 2010.

    Also, Moving Forward with Pastor Rummage Stephen, is a twenty- five minutes programmed that is aired life on radio. The communication skill of Pastor Rummage Stephen is awesome and which entails high energy, clarity and humour, demystifying and illustrating the truth according to the dictates of the bible, which he presented as premium message, but still simple to understand.

    The programme Moving Forward is styled to aid the listener have a direct connection both hearing his sermons and also relate with him on personal basis. The beginning of the programme is always with Pastor Rummage Stephen having conversation with his co-host of the programme in the person of Bill-Carl. The gravamen of the of Moving forward if premised on when Pastor Rummage Stephen, will be aired live preaching to the congregants of Bell Shoals.

    In the programme Moving Forward, after Pastor Stephen Rummage is done with his sermon, he always toes he path of inspiring his congregants, to take feasible steps of faith and action. The Programme Moving Forward is air from Monday to Friday in Florida and all over the nation through Sirius/XM satellite radio.

    Progressively, Pastor Rummage Stephen initiated the use of an Application with free contents for his followers and also initiated a radio station broadcast on Moving Forward, audio of his messages from Bells Shoals Baptist Church, video and a weekly devotion and video.

    It is pertinent to mention that Pastor Stephen Rummage, has pastored churches in North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Louisiana. He has also been at the helm of affairs of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans.

    As regards to Pastor Stephen Rummage journey to Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma, after one of his visits, the members of the Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma, had to cast vote among themselves to elect Pastor Stephen Rummage as their pastor.

    Basic Facts To Know About Stephen Rummage Of Bell Shoals Baptist Church Include:

    • Pastor Stephen Rummage served as president of the Florida Baptist State Convention from 2016 to 2018.
    • He is an associate professor of preaching and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina from 1997 to 2004.
    • The pastor accepted the divine call to preach shortly after college, he said he was working in advertising when he heard God’s call.
    • He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina and his masters of divinity at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
    • Stephen Rummage also obtained a doctorate in preaching, in New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
    • His wife Michele has been married to Stephen Rummage for 30 years as at the time of this report.
    • They have a son: Joshua Rummage and a daughter-in-law named Morgan.
    • He is the founder and director of Moving Forward, a radio teaching ministry which airs on more than 100 stations across the nation.
    • Pastor Rummage lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Michele, son and daughter-in-law.
    • He is the author of several books.

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