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Stephen Chandler Sermons – Why Does God Allow Storms?

    Stephen Chandler Sermons Why Does God Allow Storms? The hope that the lord gives, does not disappoint, so many of us have lost hope in God because of our current struggles, we feel like we have lost to the battles of depression and everything we are fighting against, we are encouraged to put our trust in God and remember that the hope of the lord does not disappoint.

    Apostle Paul who was a great believer in God, who raised the dead and healed the sick in the name of God was in a literal sea storm where he almost lost his life. Even though he was a child of God, he still experienced such great storm, a lot of us feel like we do not deserve somethings that are happening in our lives or that has happened in our lives, some of us also feel stuck in life, we feel like, life has nothing more to offer us, while for some others their lives seem to be moving backwards to the point that they feel it will be better if they were stuck in life. The storm might be a mental health storm, it could be a health problem, it could be a financial problem or anything at all but one thing is certain, everyone in life is either experiencing a storm, coming out of a storm or getting into a storm. It is an inevitable aspect of our lives. The bible says it rains on the just and unjust alike.

    Life is not just about avoiding storms, its about maximising storms, the storms in our lives can either  make or break us, it can either lead to us doing really shameful things or it can bring out a tenacity, courage and creativity the lord has put in us that we would never had discovered if we did not pass through the storm. it greatly depends on your perspective during the storm. we are advised to hold on strong during our storms and remember that the plans God has for us is of good and not evil, hence no matter how bad the storm may be, God will see us through and our lessons from the storms will make our live better and help us be greater than we were before the storm, just like the grape attains its best form after it has been crushed, we become better versions of our selves after experiencing a life storm and coming out of it the right way, also our faith in God is usually tested in storms of life, therefore if we can scale through successfully, our faith in God will be strengthened.


    Acts 27:14-25



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