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Pastor Stepahie Ike Biography, Age, Birthday, Family, Husband, Net Worth etc

    Stephanie Ike Biography

    Full name: Stephanie Nkeiru Ike

    Popular name: Stephanie Ike

    Date of Birth: January 4, 1991

    Age: 31 years (as of 2021)

    Nationality: Nigerian

    State of Origin: Anambra

    Religion : Christian

    Occupation: Motivational and religious speaker, Podcast Host

    Husband/Spouse: Not yet married as of 2021.

    Church: ONE (Potters House church)

    Who is Pastor Stephanie Ike ?

    Pastor Stephanie Ike is an astounding Pastor of ONE (Potters House Church) and she is famously known as an exceptional communicator, that centres her talk show on hope, faith and love.

    Her full name is Stephanie Nkeiru Ike. Born on the 4th of January 1991.  She is from Anambra state Nigeria. Stephaie Ike’s occupation includes podcast host, motivational and religious speaker.

    Pastor Stephanie Ike is famously known  as a presenter, author and pastor. Stephanie Ike is  ardent with her preaching on the need of people having knowledge of the unqualified love and their identity in Christ.

    The spiritual directors of Stephanie Ike are Sarah Jakes Roberts and Pastor Toure, from whom she got the spiritual direction and inspiration to be the presiding senior pastor of Potters House Los Angeles.

    Pastor Stephanie Ike started ministering at a very tender age of nine, after he had a spiritual experience, that revived and changed his notion about God

    In 2015, Pastor Stephanie Ike published ‘Moving Forward: Biblical Teachings for Walking in Purpose’, which is acknowledged as her first publication and in the aforementioned book, there are myriads of questions, which were put forward and was answered by Pastor Stephanie Ike, such as perpetual question on how truth from the bible will help in releasing people from stagnancy. Pastor Stephanie Ike is planning to release his second book by 2021 summer.

    As a presenter, Pastor Stephanie Ike is the producer and the anchor of a programme, known as ‘The Same Room’.  The aforementioned is an online talk show and broadcast that is also aired, which is a reliable and instructive opinion taken by Pastor Stephanie Ike on faith related topic that are unusual and the show is always attended by distinctive personalities.

    Pastor Stephanie Ike through ‘The Same Room’ show, which she is the anchor, opening new wave of perception for people on how to have faith in the present church culture.

    Nkeiru production, is the brainchild of Pastor Stephanie Ike and she also supervised the making of ‘Stop Sign’ a movie that increases people’s consciousness on rape by spouses. The pastor cum communicator believes that movie is a mechanism to communicate truth, gives hope and device to fight injustice in the society. Southern California is the current residence of Pastor Stephanie Ike.

    It is also imperative to mention, that Pastor Stephanie Ike, is a Nigerian by origin and also a citizen of United States in America.

    Pastor Stephanie Ike net worth is approximately 500,000 Dollars.

    Stephanie Ike Age

    Pastor Stephanie Ike was born on the 4th day of January 1991. Accordingly, as of 2021, Stephanie Ike is 31 years old. Stephanie’s birthday comes up on the 4th January 1991every year.

    Stephanie Ike Husband

    Pastor Stephanie Ike got engaged to the love of her heart in December 2021. However information about Staphanie Ike to be husband is currently not available. We are looking forwrad to Stephanie Ike’s wedding after which we can get more details about her husband.

    Stephanie Ike husband
    Stephanie Ike and her to be husband

    Does Stephanie Ike have a child?

    At the moment , there is no information as to Pastor Stephanie having a child. Accordingly it is concluded that as of 2021, Stephanie Ike does not have any child yet.

    Stepahie Ike Parents

    Pastor Steph is born to her parents Mr. and Mrs Gregory Ike both of whom hails from Anambra State Nigeria. Stephanie Ike’s father was born on the 10th of January 1960 and he died on the 9th July 1971.

    Stephanie Ike Father
    Stephanie Ike’s father Father


    Stephanie Ike Mother
    Stephanie Ike’s Mother

    Details of Stepahanie Ike siblings are currently not available. Same will be updated as soon as discovered.

    Stephanie Ike Spiritual Father

    Who is Stephanie Ike’s spiritual father?

    On the 8th September 2020, Pastor Stephanie Ike took to facebook to celebrate Pastor Toure Roberts the husband of Sarah Jakes Roberts as his pastor, Mentor and Spiritual father. Accordingly, pastor Toure Roberts is seen as one of Stephanie Ike spiritual father. Also discovered as Stephanie Ike spiritual director is Sarah Jakes Roberts , the wife of Toure Roberts and daughter of Bishop TD Jakes.

    Pastor Stephanie Ike Height and weight

    How tall is Pastor Stephanie Ike?

    Pastor Stephanie Ike stands at the height of 5″8 inches tall and weight of 65kg.

    Stephanie Ike sermons

    Pastor Stephanie Ike has remained relentlessly committed in his service in God’s vineyard. He has devised so many means to ensure the spread of the gospel of Christ. Amongst the amazing and life changing sermons by Pastor Stephanie Ike include;

    1. The Power Of Fasting Part 1- Stephanie Ike
    2. The Weight of Your Name – Stephanie Ike
    3. The Power Of Fasting Part 2- Stephanie Ike
    4. Stephanie Ike: To Find God’s Plan You Must Lay Everything
    5. Understanding Times & Seasons – Stephanie Ike
    6. Start Building – Stephanie Ike
    7. Winning Against All Odds- Stephanie Ike
    8. Opening the Third Eye (Biblical or Demonic?) – Stephanie Ike
    9. Trusting God In Uncertainty – Stephanie Ike
    10. Stephanie Ike: God’s Plan is Greater Than What You Can See

    Stephanie Ike Blog

    Stephanie Ike owns a blog website named

    Stephanie Ike Social Media contacts

    Stephanie Ike Instagram :

    Stephanie Ike twitter @stephanieike

    Stephanie Ike Youtube

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