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Latest and amazing pictures of Pastor Stephanie Ike and her husband

    Stepahanie Ike Husband : Stephanie Ike who is famously known  as a presenter, author and pastor at Potters House Church has taken to instagram to showcase her newly married hubby.

    Pastor Stephanie Ike who hails from Nigeria but born in United States was in December 2021 enganged by the love of her life which she described the event as a long awaited and blissful event. Pastor Staphanie Ike’s engagement reamains one of the most cherished moment of her life , being with her heart desired love.

    Pastor Stephanie who was born on the 4th day of January 1991 to her parents Mr amd Mrs Geoffrey Chidozie Ike commenced her ministering/pastoring career at a very tender age and she has over the years remained relentlessly committed in her service in God’s vineyard. In addition to being a pastor at Potters HouseChurch, Stephanie Ike is also the co-founder of ”The Same Room” and also a renowned author who in 2015 published a book titled ‘Moving Forward: Biblical Teachings for Walking in Purpose’, which answered the question on how truth from the bible will help to release people from stagnancy. Pastor Stephanie is also a Content Creator with a story telling platform known as “Voice of Hope

    Commenting on the picture with her husband, Pastor Ike wrote in instagram:

    Worth the Wait! #ManCrushMonday #ManCrushEveryday #WeAreGettingMarried 💍🇳🇬

    Photographer 📸: @bfreeperiod
    Make-Up 🎨: @kfreestyles
    Hair 💇🏽‍♀️: @irunolacompany
    Designer 💃🏽: Mum
    Alterations 🧵: @menogudesigns


    Stephanie Ike husband



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