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Catholic Sister Saves 120 Disabled Children That Families Consider Born Evil

    A recent report from Reuters has it that a Catholic sister recently saved  120 mentally and physically disabled children whom their families consider to be born “evil” and are in most cases killed.

    A catholic sister identified as Stan Therese Mumuni and her Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love dedicates their lives to rescuing, caring for, and loving children, who are rejected by their families.
    Mumuni disclosed in a statement released Tuesday by ACN United States that in many parts of Africa, including northern Ghana, children with impairments are frequently allowed to die if not openly killed. She added that these children are thought to be bewitched or “evil”

    “It is terrible to see a beautiful child condemned to death, just because they cannot speak, or walk, or see.  If you have a child who cannot see in the community, their mother cannot farm or fetch water with the other women, because they tell her she has an evil child. And if there is any misfortune in the village, they blame it on the child, and they kill it,”  Sister Mumuni said.

    “The traditional beliefs affect the children. If a child is born blind, they are considered evil; if they cannot speak, they are considered evil; if a mother dies in labor, the family rejects the child, because they are considered evil. Even if the child is in the hospital, the mother will run away and leave them, and the hospital must call us to go and save them,” she added.

    However, with support from Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), Mumuni was able to construct a convent “Nazareth Home for God’s Children” where 120 children are currently living. The convent also accommodates 15 other religious sisters and 35 staff members.

    Mumuni further explained that while the Marian sisters of eucharistic Love’s work is having an impact they still need additional assistance. She noted they require a vehicle to transport kids to the hospital, clothing, and tuition fees.

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