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See How Uebert Angel Celebrated Son’s Birthday

    Prophet Uebert Angel Son’s Birthday : The founder of Spirit Embassy Church also known as GoodNews Nation, Prophet Uebert Angel has taken to social media to celebrate his son Uebert Angel Jr.’s Birthday.

    In a amazing message shared on his Instagram today, Prophet Uebert paints a picture of unwavering support and a prophetic vision for his son’s path.

    Addressing him as “the one who embodies the strength of my youth and the blessings of my anointing,” Uebert expresses his immense joy for Uebert Jr.’s birthday.

    He went on to beseech the divine to bestow upon his son “a fervent spirit and a profound dedication to serving His people.”

    The message delved into deeper spiritual realms, requesting God that Uebert Jr. “tread the paths of higher truths and manifest the divine handiwork in the modern age” through his endeavors.

    He further urges Uebert Jr. to fulfill his remarkable calling, pronouncing “abundant life and many more years to fulfill remarkable deeds for His glory.”

    Additionally, he pronounced, “a love that yields profound influence, financial prosperity, and an amplified reverence for God.” “Happy birthday, Uebert Angel Jr!, he conclusively wrote.”

    Uebert Angel Jr. is the first son of Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife Beverly Angel. The couple also have three other children namely: Levi Henoch Uebert Angel, Jude Eloi Uebert Angel, and Seth Uebert Angel.

    In addition to Uebert Jr.’s current role as the lead pastor of Spirit Embassy London, Uebert also appointed him in November to lead the church branches in Dubai and Qatar.
    “So with effect from this moment Uebert Junior is now the leader of the UAE, meaning Qatar as well and Dubai,” Uebert Angel announced at the time in the video shared on his Instagram Page.

    Uebert Jr. however accepted his appointment noting that he was “deeply grateful and humbled by this new ordination.” “I am determined to live up to the honor bestowed upon me,” he additionally emphasized.

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