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Saturday Powerful Morning Prayer for Today March 18 2023

    Morning Prayer for Today March 18 2023 : Here is another weekend and a brand new day full of opportunities and blessings. Don’t you think you are really blessed to be alive to see this day? As for me and my family, we are really blessed to see today and to God who has made it possible, may his name be praised forever.

    As we begin this day, let us take a moment to connect with our creator and offer a powerful morning prayer. Let us invite the divine presence into our hearts and minds and ask for guidance and strength to face whatever challenges may come our way. Let us pray with faith and trust that all things are possible through God, who strengthens us.

    Powerful Morning Prayer for Today, Saturday March 18th, 2023

    Heavenly Father, we come before you on this beautiful Saturday morning with hearts filled with gratitude and thanksgiving. We thank you for the gift of life and for the privilege of being alive to see another day. We thank you for the opportunity to wake up this morning, to breathe the fresh air, and to enjoy the beauty of your creation.

    Lord, we ask that you bless this day and guide us in all our ways. May your wisdom and understanding be our guide as we make decisions and face challenges. May your peace that surpasses all understanding guard our hearts and minds, and may your love shine through us in all that we do.

    We pray for protection and provision for ourselves, our families, and our loved ones. We ask that you surround us with your mighty angels and keep us safe from harm. We pray that you provide for our needs according to your riches in glory.

    Lord, we surrender our plans and dreams to you. We trust that you have a good and perfect plan for our lives, and we ask that you help us to align our will with yours. Help us to walk in obedience to your word and to live a life that brings honor and glory to your name.

    We pray for our world, our leaders, and our communities. We ask that you bring healing, restoration, and reconciliation where there is division and strife. We pray for those who are sick, lonely, or hurting, and we ask that you comfort them with your presence and touch.

    Lord, we commit this day into your hands, and we ask that you go before us and make our paths straight. May we experience your grace, your mercy, and your love in a new and powerful way today. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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