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    SARAH JAKES SERMON NOTHING CAN STOP YOU IF GOD CALLED YOU :Pastor Sarah Jakes says, I want you to know that there is nothing that is happening in your life that is designed to take you out, that thing is designed to birth the best version of you.


    Pastor Sarah Jakes says, my girl, my sister, you are the woman for the job. In genesis 3 and 15 God says to the serpent I’m going to put enmity between you and the woman and that her seed will bruise your head, but your seed will bruise her heel.


    That word enmity i love that word enmity, it means, the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something and i don’t know about you but there are moments for me when i feel that enmity, i feel that opposition from the enemy, i feel that hostility from the enemy, it’s like i take two steps forward and sometimes he takes me ten steps backwards, it feels like every time i start pursuing that vision and that identity that God has for me, that he sends someone who reminds me of who I used to be or the shame from who i was creeps up behind me, i feel that hostility every time i start pressing towards the mark and so that enmity is such a powerful word. that i don’t think that i could


    God didn’t just say that I’m going to put the enmity against the woman from the serpent he says that this enmity is going to be a two-way street that the woman is not just going to feel opposed by the serpent but that the woman is going to represent opposition for the serpent as well


    That is that when a woman steps into her purpose and when a woman steps into who she is in God, the enemy may have some opposition, but she is opposition for the enemy too. That means that when you register for propel and you made arrangements for the kids and you decided that you were going to be in here by any means necessary, i’m going to stand in line at 7:00 am not because i don’t have anything else to do but because i am opposition for the enemy and there’s a word waiting somewhere with my name on it, i am the enemy’s opposition, i know it doesn’t look like it because of all I went through but I’m just dusting off the what the dirt from what i went through so that I can become the enemy’s opposition.

    Pastor Sarah Jakes wants us to always remember that the devil does not have an upper hand on us, instead we stand a great fighting chance because God himself gave us that chance in the book of genesis.


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