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Amazing Pictures of Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Clothing Styles

    Sarah Jakes Roberts stylist : Sarah Jakes would have been a happening model if not for her religious work. Everything about her like dressing, her steps and her physical appearance showcases her as a woman of fashion.

    Below  are the new pictures of the styles of clothes worn by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Of ONE (A Potters House Church) formerly known as the ‘Potters House At One LA’ and they are so lovely.

    Sarah who is the adorable wife of Pastor Toure Roberts , daughter of the famous Bishop TD Jakes and a mother of six is the founder of “Woman Evolve”. She also has a book titled “Woman Evolve”. Her “Woman Evolve Podcast” series has changed the lives of many women in and around the United States of America, Canada , Australia and Africa. Sarah Jakes Roberts’ stylist is really doing a great work.

    Posting a picture of one of the styles of her clothe on Instagram, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts wrote:

    “My body is catching up to what I feel spiritually, but if I had to sum up how I feel after WE21 it would be this picture.

    Strong, steady, and focused.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts stylist

    @womanevolve is a vision God gave me with many expressions, but the most powerful expression we cultivate is through our experiences.

    I questioned whether or not it would be powerful enough to serve a generation of women who’d just faced off with so much over the last two years.

    God eradicated my fears with glory. The manifestation of God’s presence this weekend has blown me away.

    Keep sending me your testimonies. It’s filling my cup.”

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